Once Upon a Time

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To Catch A Thief

Storybrooke. Alley. Gold finds Lacey making out with Keith Soddenham and scares him off. When Lacey is angry, Gold realizes she wasn't accosted, but was in that alley because she wanted to be. Once Upon A Time, when my husband and I were first dating, we were parked somewhere kissing. The cops approached the vehicle and asked if I was there because I wanted to be. We weren't in the most romantic of spots, so I made a wise crack, but then had to clarify I wasn't with him against my will. I don't know why I shared that, especially when I already told you I'm in a hurry. The worst part of it all is that we left and went to a bar. Apparently the cops got off duty, because they soon wandered in wearing civvies. Worst of all, my husband knew them from high school. Thankfully, I am from a different town. Getting back to the matter at hand. Lacey wasn't having fun on the date. The only reason she agreed to go out with him was that she was trying to be nice, but she claims that's not her; it's him. Gold insists that she always liked the nice, good part of him. Lacey objects that this is still "all about Belle." While Belle may have loved Gold, Lacey isn't her. After she stomps off, Gold says, "No, you're not." Commercial.

Storybrooke. Granny's. Exterior. Night. Regina watches as Charming and Snow drop off Anton and the Dwarfs, then drive away. Once the men are inside the diner, Regina crosses the street, bends, and lays her hand upon the spot where Charming's truck last sat. Like something out of a Fidelity Investments ad, green lines appear on the road. In her car, Regina follows the lines 'til they stop. She looks around at the nothingness before her and waves her hand. The bean field appears. She approaches the plants and plucks a pod. It's much more dramatic with the background music. We cut back to...

Town. Keith Soddenham meets up with Gold outside the Rabbit Hole and apologizes for making a move on his girl. Gold says he's been trying so hard to be at his best, "... but I guess there's no point, now." He waves his hand and magics Keith's tongue into it. That'll teach him not to shove it down Laceybelle's throat. Gold isn't done. He raises his cane. Let the beating commence. We flash back to...

Rumpy's Estate. Rumpy and Belle arrive home. She bids him goodnight, but as she's walking off, he tells her he has something to show her. He leads her to his library. As she looks around in wonder, he tries to play it like it's just another room for her to clean. When he has so much magic, why is a cleaning lady even necessary. Belle is thrilled by the CGI books and asks if Rumpy did all this for her. He warns her that he'd better not see a speck of dust on the books, but she knows he's fronting. She grabs his hand and says he's not who she thought he was and she's glad. We flash forward to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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