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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, magic returns to Storybrooke. It's different there, though. The Charmings chase the Chintz Monster into Jefferson's hat, but Chintzy grabs Emma on his way down. Unwilling to lose her daughter again, Snow jumps in after. Charming tells Henry he will find the ladies. (He will always find them.) Mulan and Aurora capture Snow and Emma and bring them to L'enchantement's haven (possibly Neverland) and throw them down into a pit, where Regina's evil mother, Cora, lies in wait. Currently, on Once Upon A Time, we open on the...

Enchanted Past. Night. Red races to Charming's camp. She finds him and Snow and their War Council, in his tent. They are strategizing, and Charming is babbling about King George Charles Widmore and his forces. Red: "We have to move camp. They're coming for us." Charming: "No. We will not run. We said we were going to take the kingdom back, and we can't do that with our tails between our legs." Charming takes a beat and looks sheepishly at Red. "No offense." Heh.

Red tells him things are worse than they know. Charles Widmore has a new general -- the Leviathan. "They say he attacks like a monster, striking from the depths of the sea. You never see him coming, and you never survive." So he's a toddler, then? As soon Snow ask how close his army is, an arrow lands smack dab in the middle of Charming's map table. Someone get me a trajectory report, because I just don't buy how that happened. They're in a tent. Sure, the flap is open, but the arrow's arc just seems impossible. Cool visuals are only cool if they don't make the viewer scratch his or her head and say, "Wait a gosh darned moment..." I love this episode. What I don't love is being taken out of it even before the title card.

Anyhow, outside, there's general chaos (digression: I covered How I Met Your Mother for a couple of seasons, so right now, Robin and Ted are saluting General Chaos, in my head). Snow suggests they all split up and divide Widmore's forces. Charming agrees and gives his warriors their orders, then tells Snow to run. In two days time, they'll meet at the cabin in which his mother is hiding. Snow's a little worried about meeting Ruth, but Charming notes it's high time, since they're engaged and all. I should say so! My parents would have been so hurt if I got engaged to someone they'd never even met. Let's hope Ruth takes it better.

Snow isn't out of earshot, before she's captured by General Chaos, er... I mean the Leviathan, who rolls his eyes at that nickname, by the way, and reveals he is actually Lancelot (Sinqua Wells). Snow is all, "Of the Round Table?" Lance: "Not anymore." Okay, he is a disgraced Lancelot, then. Very well. Title card.

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