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Lady Of The Lake

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Snow says, "I don't understand. We were told this land didn't even exist anymore." Think about that for a tick, oh Fairest of them all. Who told you it didn't exist? Could it have been a lying liar who lies. Snow ignores me and continues. "How did you all escape the curse?" Lance says it's a mystery. Some of them in that region were left behind. They know neither how nor why. Finding the Haven involved spilling some blood, but he assures the ladies they're safe there. Snow explains that they have to get back to her husband and Emma's son. She wants to find a portal, but Lance says leaving is unwise; the ogres have returned. Emma: "Ogres? As in fee-fi-fo-fum?" I cringe for Emma, as does Snow. "Those would be giants." Chagrinned, Emma shuts up. Lance mansplains about ogres being far worse. He tells Snow there are no portals left and asks her to stay there.

Snow thinks she knows of a portal, but when Lance asks where, she says she's not comfortable revealing it, with Cora nearby. Lance assures her that Cora is powerless now, but Snow -- as sharp as ever -- demurs. She again asks leave to... well, to leave. Lance will allow it on the condition that she allow Mulan to accompany and defend them. Emma: "We can defend ourselves." Snow ignores her and tells Lance it's a deal. She thanks Lance for always looking out for her and we flash back to...

Enchanted Past. Lancelot brings Snow to Charles Widmore. My mother doesn't care for past-Snow's costume in this episode -- she thinks the high collar is too queenish (as opposed to princess-y) and from a distance, she keeps confusing past-Snow with past-Regina. I point out how past-Regina isn't even in this episode, and that Snow typically wears white, while Regina's wardrobe palette tends to feature black and occasionally dark purples and reds. Mum doesn't care. I disagree. I love Snow's costume this week, and this is my recap, so neener neener, Mum.

When Lance takes the hood off Snow's head, she immediately yells at Widmore that she'll never tell him where Charming is. Widmore pretends to be cordial and instructs Lance to get Snow some water. There's some verbal volleying, during which Snow tells Widmore that all he knows about pain is how to inflict it. As she drinks her water, Widmore declares her wrong. He talks about James' death, and how he offered Charming the chance to step into James' shoes but, "He rejected me. He humiliated me in front of my kingdom, all for the sake of true love." Those last two words are a sneer. Snow sneers back that Widmore knows nothing of true love. He begs to differ. His own true love and he were blissful, but then, "She became cursed. She drank a vile potion that made it impossible for us to conceive a child. Family is everything, my dear. Losing all hope of having one -- there is no greater misery. Charming could have been that hope for me, but instead he made my suffering worse. For that -- death is too good for him. First, he must know pain -- my pain." Lance, standing behind Snow, narrows his eyes at Widmore. Snow looks down at the goblet in her hand. When she sees her reflection staring back from the dregs left in the cup, she cries, "No." Lance: "You poisoned her!" Widmore: "I cursed her. She will never bear a child." We flash forward to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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