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Lady Of The Lake

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Haven. Present. Mulan opens a weapon chest and tells Emma and Snow to choose wisely. Snow grabs a sword. Emma grabs a dagger and asks for her gun. Mulan pulls it out and wonders if it's magic. Emma: "Depends on who's pulling the trigger." As Snow grabs a bow and a quiver full of arrows, Mulan says, "Follow my lead. Step where I step. Do exactly as I say and you might survive." When Emma scoffs that they'll be okay because she just killed a dragon last week, Snow's eyes flash with concern at her girl's hubris. Mulan asks if she's ever seen an ogre. Emma: "Pretty sure I've dated a few." Mulan ignores her and says, "Legend has it that when they kill you, the last thing you see is yourself dying, in the reflection in their eyes."

Following behind Mulan, Snow assures Emma that she won't let anything happen to her. Emma wants to know Snow's plan. It boils down to the enchanted wardrobe. If it survived the curse, they'll see about making it work again. When Emma asks where it is, Snow says, "My place. Want to see where you're from, Emma? That's right. We're going home." Yippee! Commercial.

Storybrooke waterfront. Jefferson is sitting on a bench, looking at a hand-drawn "Have You Seen..." poster featuring himself, or "Papa" as the description notes. Henry knows Jefferson is the Mad Hatter and begs for his help. Jefferson says he can't do anything. He's the wrong person to talk to. Magic isn't his thing. Henry should try his mother (Regina). "Maybe she's got something in that vault of hers..." Henry can't believe the vault is there in Storybrooke, but Jefferson won't give him more information. "It's none of my business. Talk to her." I know he's probably a little afraid of Regina, but given how angry he is at her, and given the similarity of Henry's circumstances to his own, I'm a little disappointed in our milliner. Henry is too, but he's also more sympathetic than I. He notices the picture Jefferson is holding and asks what it is. The man folds the picture and stuffs it inside his coat, but says nothing. Henry tells him he knows his story and points out that Grace probably wants to see her Papa. At this, Jefferson becomes hostile and tries to leave, but Henry is nothing if not persistent. When he asks why Jefferson isn't trying to find his girl, Jefferson grabs Henry's shoulders and yells, "Because I left her!" His voice drops to a whisper as he adds, "And she'll hate me."

Undeterred, Henry says, "How do you know that?" Jefferson shrugs and mutters about how fate has reminded him he shouldn't. I think "fate" here equals the Chintz Monster overturning his car and leaving him stuck. It doesn't matter. What matters is Henry who insists that Jefferson should find Grace. While it might be hard to face her, it will hurt her much more -- and for the rest of her life -- if he doesn't. After all, he's been left, too. He points out that Grace will spend her life wondering why Jefferson left. Anything is better than nothing. Not knowing is the worst. Ouch. I love this kid.

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Once Upon a Time




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