Once Upon a Time
Lady Of The Lake

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Mother Knows Best

Regina is packing up her office when the phone rings. From only her side of the conversation, we learn that it's Henry. After she reveals she's gotten the boot from Office, she happily agrees to have lunch with Henry at Granny's in ten minutes. Regina grabs her bag and walks right out. Once she's gone, Henry enters from a different door. He hustles to her file cabinet and takes out the key ring. We flash sideways to...

L'enchantement. Present. Afternoon. Mulan wants to set up camp for the night. They'll have to get water and firewood. Poor Emma is still used to being the strategic thinker, so she suggests it's foolhardy to start a fire if they're trying to hide from ogres. Snow sets her straight: ogres are blind; they hunt by sound, alone. Emma mutters, "Right, because that's something everyone would know about ogres." Um yeah, Em, in their world, they would and do. Think of this as Fairy Tale University, honey. The first lesson? You need to accept you're not always going to be the smartest kid in any class, and the sooner you do that, the better it will go for you. It's not going to go well, is it?

Snow tries to cut Emma some slack for being out of her element and suggests she hang tight, while she (Snow) and Mulan go find wood and water. Mulan almost looks embarrassed for Emma, as Snow insists her daughter wait for them. We flash back to...

The Enchanted Past. Widmore's men dump Snow off at the ruins of Charming's campsite. As she rises to her feet, she hears Lancelot approaching on horseback, so she grabs a pole and hides behind a tree. When Lance reaches her, she knocks him off his mount. Before our fierce princess can brain him, he explains that he wants to help. He regrets his unwitting part in Widmore cursing away her fertility and wants to help. He will take her to meet Charming. Skeptical, Snow refuses, thinking Lancelot is just using her to find Charming. Lancelot tells her the King already knows that Charming is meeting his mother at her not so secret location and has men on the way -- to kill Ruth. Snow looks off in the distance, unable to mask her worry. "Charming's at the cabin, too."

Cabin. Exterior. Charming finds Ruth gathering flowers, and tells her the place is already beautiful. Ruth laughs him off. She's about to meet the girl he's going to marry. Everything must be perfect. When her son doesn't understand, she's lady enough not to womansplain it to him. But hark! Who goes there? Something wicked this way comes. Charming draws his sword and orders Ruth to return to the cabin and bolt the door. "Whatever happens, stay inside."

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Once Upon a Time




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