Once Upon a Time
Lady Of The Lake

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Mother Knows Best

Charming runs toward the approaching sounds and soon finds himself surrounded by a handful of Widmore's knights. One of the knights who is on foot raises his crossbow and shoots an arrow at our would be Prince. When Charming ducks, the arrow flies over his head and lands squarely in the chest of one of the mounted knights. I am not your action recapper. Suffice it to say Charming handily defeats all of his assailants, but his last kill is the coolest. He snaps a knight's neck with only his bare hands. Alas, his mother refused to follow directions. During the scuffle, she was struck in the chest with an arrow. Charming races to her and catches her just before she collapses. "I told you to stay inside." Ruth apologizes, but she thought he was hurt. Isn't that just like a mother, too?

As Charming lies to Ruth that everything will be okay, Snow and Lance arrive. Falling on her knees beside Charming, Snow says, "I'm so sorry. We came as quickly as we could." Ruth: "Is this... Snow?" Charming nods and looks to Snow, who takes in the reality of the situation. We flash back to...

L'enchantement. Past. Night. As Snow tries to light a fire, Aurora sneaks up behind her, grabs her, and holds a knife to her throat. "Don't move. Phillip's gone, because of you." Snow, no delicate hothouse flower, flips Aurora, then disarms and straddles her. "You listen to me, Princess. You think I don't know what it's like to be separated from the people I love? What happened to Phillip was not our fault, so I suggest that you find another way to channel your anger."

Mulan pulls Snow off Aurora. "Don't talk to her like that." Snow: "She tried to kill me." Mulan grabs Aurora's knife and tells Snow, "I will deal with her." Just then, Emma fires a warning shot into the air. And I can't decide if I like this, or if it feels too contrived. Wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. So, Emma fires the warning shot. Snow whispers, "Emma, what are you doing?" Ignoring Snow's volume cue, Emma's voice is strong as she says, "Protecting you," and then tells Mulan to drop her weapon.

Snow looks at her daughter, horrified. "Do you have any idea what you've just done?" In the distance, an ogre roars. Emma peers over her shoulder -- her eyes as round as saucers. "Ogres?" Snow screams, "RUN!" All four women race toward the woods. Emma is the cliché victim of the week -- the pretty blonde who falls when running from a monster, but it works here, because she's not one of the princesses, but rather the tough, streetwise cop. An ogre is soon upon Emma. He disarms her and crushes her gun, which is good, because those things don't belong in fairy tales. As the ogre tries to subdue the already downed Emma with a hurricane force blast of nasty ogre breath (I'm thinking anchovies, onions, and death), we cut to commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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