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Lady Of The Lake

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Alone, Snow tends to Ruth who, despite dying, is a pretty Chatty Cathy. She groans in pain but then manages to blabber on about how Charming always dreamt of having a wife and a son. When the recently cursed Snow winces at this, Ruth takes it the wrong way and adds, "Fret not. It could be a daughter, but trust me, all that matters is that it's healthy." She then removes her necklace and explains that it was "spelled" by a "gypsy" (my apologies, Romani) to predict the sex of one's firstborn, even if that child hasn't yet been conceived. If it swings north to south, the child will be a boy, and east to west means it will be a girl. Snow tries to refuse, but Ruth says, "Indulge an old woman. It will help take my mind off...well, you know." DYING. Snow nods and agrees. Ruth holds the necklace over Snow's outstretched palm. It doesn't move. Ruth tries to assure Snow that it's just silly superstition, but Snow explains that Widmore cursed her to be infertile. Ruth suggests that if the waters of Lake Nostros can heal her, perhaps they can reverse Widmore's curse. Snow beams with hope. Ruth looks up at her. "You are going to be a wonderful mother." Eventually.

Enchanted Present. As the women make their way through the forest, Mulan jumps on Aurora to keep up. Aurora notes she's not exactly dressed for this expedition. Mulan snarks that she should have stayed behind. When Emma realizes Aurora is cold, she offers up her leather jacket. Aurora is taken aback by this kindness and notes she tried to kill Emma's friend. Emma, who doesn't seem to be cold in her tank top (look at her arms -- I covet them) explains that Snow is her mother and Emma is getting the feeling that Snow can, "...take care of herself. And I get it. You're not the only one who's been screwing up, lately." When Emma walks ahead, Aurora stares at the strange garment in her hands. "What kind of corset is this?" Hee. Okay, that was a cheap laugh, because it's not like Aurora's male contemporaries didn't wear coats. And she saw it on Emma. She watched Emma take it off. Still, that line will never not work for me. I'm easy (but not cheap). Eventually, Snow's castle comes into view. The woman look at it, bathed in moonlight. Emma: "Is that it?" Snow: "Yeah. That's our home."

Enchanted Past. When Charming and crew get to Lake Nostros, they find it has dried up -- and probably because Charming killed the siren. Ain't that always the way? Commercial.

Storybrooke. Outside the crypt, Henry takes a moment to review his book before entering. Inside, he sees the casket (or the vault that contains the casket -- I'm having a little aphasia, I think). There are fresh flowers on top, but it's the name plaque that catches Henry's eye, because it reads, as you know, Henry Mills and underneath, Beloved Father. I wonder how much that will mess with this kid's head -- especially once he learns what Regina did to that Henry. Noticing the scuff marks on the floor, the kid figures out he's got to move the vault. He pushes with all his might to reveal the staircase, hidden below. Descending, he comes upon Regina's wall full of mini-vaults. I need a new word for all these things, but you watch the show. You know what I mean. The hearts within beat once again, now that magic has come to town. Henry shakes this off and enters the main chamber. In a cubby, he finds a chest and pulls it out. Using Regina's keys, he opens it. The two-headed Agrabahn viper that killed his biological great-grandfather (King Leopold) rises up and tries to strike Henry, but Charming swoops in out of nowhere, slams the chest shut, and says, "Maybe we should have gone with Operation Viper."

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