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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, Felix throws a straw doll at Rumpy's feet and says, "Things we haven't thought about in years still have the ability to make us cry." Oh, right? Later, he tells Rumpy that if he's there "for the boy" he won't survive. Rumpy grabs Felix by the shirt and growls, "The question is how many of you I take with me." Nobody told me there was going to be math, never mind word problems.

Now, on Once Upon A Time, we open in Neverland, at night. Rumpy conjures up a fireball and casts it down on the firewood he's so carefully arranged. Seriously, I wish I could build a fire like that in the wild. I have trouble being that neat in a fireplace, even with a grate and everything. Anyhow, with his back to the fire, Rumpy faces a big rock admires his shadow for a moment. If he starts making shadow puppets, I am so not recapping them.

Now he's drawing out his Dark One Dagger. Imagine if you got a dagger when you got your job. All right, skip over the unpleasant idea of killing the person who previously held your job (unless it's not unpleasant). Well, you don't have a job dagger and neither do I, so we'd best let go of the dream. Strega did once send me a titanium spork though. I still have it in my desk. Even though these days, recapping doesn't necessitate sporking people, when I read something particularly awful on the boards, I like to take it out, wave it in front of my Mac and pretend I'm about to layeth down the smack. Then I just hit the report button, which is really anticlimactic. I wonder if, since I did get the spork from Strega, I'm grandfathered in somehow and can spork with impunity. Note to self: Ask Kim. Other note to self: You have a deadline, stop blabbing and cover the damn show.

With dagger in hand, Rumpy bends down, stabs it into the ground and traces the blade around his feet. Sparks of purple magic crackle around his boots. My oldest son and I at first both thought he stabbed his actually feet. I'm happy to report we were wrong and possibly need a bigger TV. Panting, he addresses his now independent shadow as he hands it the dagger. "You know what to do. Hide it where no one can find it. Not even me." As it takes the dagger from Rumpy, the shadow develops glowing eyes. It floats up in the air and into a title card bearing an image of a sword in a stone.

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