Once Upon a Time
Lost Girl

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Snow asks what happens if she refuses. Regina says someone will pay the price. Raising her hand she magically lifts up a peasant girl who was hiding behind a cart and chokes her. Snow runs at Regina, sword held high, and yells, "Stop!" Regina disappears in a thick puff of dark purple smoke. Snow does a spectacular face plant on the ground. The peasant girl falls. Charming frees himself to see to her. Snow asks if the girl is okay. While Charming is nodding, Regina reappears and says, "Next time, she won't be. You have until sundown tomorrow to give up the throne. And for every day that you defy me, I will kill one of your loyal subjects. Stop denying who you are, Snow White. You may have been a princess, but you will never be a queen. We flash forward to...

Neverland. Emma and crew are sleeping. Well, no, Emma is tossing and turning while the rest of them are in dream land. Hearing cries in the jungle, Emma jumps to her feet, grabs the sword that was once Bae's, looks around and begs her companions to wake. When they don't respond, Emma ventures a bit away from her camp where she's startled by Peter Pan. He hears the crying too, and wonders why Emma's crew can't. Once Emma learns she's face to face with Pan, she pushes him up against a tree, holds her sword to his neck and demands to know where her son is. When Pan gives her non-answers about Henry being a special boy, Emma demands to know what Pan wants with him. Again, he deflects. "I came here to see who I was up against. The Savior. I've got to say I'm not disappointed." I think I have murder in my heart, because while watching this I felt like if I was in a mystical land with seemingly no laws and some eternal brat had my kid and was giving me the run around -- I'd slit the brat's throat. Now, I mean, I probably wouldn't, but for a moment, I really wanted Emma to just have at it.

Anyhow, Pan claims he's going to help Emma find Henry. He gives her a map that he claims will lead her straight to her son. Emma says it's a trap. Pan says that while he's not the best behaved boy, he always keeps his promises. The path to Henry is on the parchment. "It's not about finding Henry, it's about how you find him. And Emma, you're the only one who can." Emma takes the parchment, unfolds it and sees that it's blank. Pan says she'll only be able to read the map once she stops denying who she is. At that, he disappears. Commercial.

After the break, the whole gang is awake. Hook schools them in dealing with Pan. He likes his games, but if he says there's a map on the parchment, there is. Regina asks how they can know Pan won't use the map to lead them into a trap. Hook says, "Because he doesn't need to. This whole island's his bloody trap." Regina thinks the map is a waste of time and wants to use magic to find Pan and Henry. Hook says breaking Pan's rules is unwise. Charming: "Sadly, I agree with the pirate." Hook flashes Charming a cheeky grin. "I'm winning you over. I can feel it." Emma's not willing to risk the map to Regina's harsh brand of magic. She's going to try to do what Pan said. She looks discouraged though, which does not escape Snow's watchful eyes. She smiles at Emma. "Hey, don't give up. He's playing a game. You can win." We flashback to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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