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In A New York Minute

Manhattan. Neal's Flat. Rumpy thinks Baelfire came back for him, but Neal says he only came back to make sure Rumpy didn't hurt "her" meaning Emma. "I've seen what you do to people who break deals." Rumpy pleads for a chance to talk, but Bae orders him out of his place. When Emma says, "Neal..." he replies, "Emma, I've got this." Rumpy realizes they know each other and asks how. Emma tries to lie, but Rumpy stops her and demands an answer. It's then that Henry wanders out. "Mom, what's going on?" Emma straightens his coat collar and puts her hands on his arms. Before she can speak, Neal asks who the boy is. Emma's voice is barely audible as she answers, "My son." Henry asks if that's Baelfire, but Emma tells him to go into the other room. As the boy walks out, Neal asks, "How old are you?" Emma snaps, "Don't answer him." Neal grows animated. Raising his voice he asks, "How old are you kid." Henry turns to face him and shouts: "Eleven! Now, why is everyone yelling?" Heh. I don't get you people who hate this character or think little of the actor. I think he's a delight.

Neal looks at Emma. "He's 11?" Henry turns and catches the frightened expression on Emma's face. "Mom?" Neal seals his lips and looks at Emma, as if he's trying to will her to speak. Gold figures out what is going on and winces. When Emma doesn't say anything, Neal finally asks, "Is this my son?" Henry thinks he can set this situation right. "No, my dad was a fireman. He died." As Emma approaches, Henry turns to her. "That's what you t--told me, you said..." As his voice falters, he looks back to Neal, who cocks his head and again asks Emma, "Is this my son?" Emma takes Henry's face in her hands. For all the world, she looks like she's trying to memorize it before the love and trust are replaced with fear and betrayal. Finally, she whispers, "Yes." Neal reacts, but who cares about him right now? He's the one who sent her pregnant ass to jail for a crime he committed. Let's focus on Henry. As he pulls away, Emma's hands fall from his cheeks. He shakes his head no and hops out the window and onto the fire escape. Not one of the three adults in the room follow him immediately. Regina, I think you've got some grounds for a custody battle in this episode, sweetie. After a moment of standing there trying to avoid everyone's glare, Emma climbs out the window and calls for Henry. Too late, Emma. He's dead on the sidewalk, all right?

When Neal tries to follow his newfound family out the window, Rumpy stops him and begs for a chance to be heard, but Neal orders him out. Rumpy says, "You came back to protect Emma, to show that she had lived up to her end of her bargain with me." Neal says, since she has, Rumpy should go. Rumpy says, "No. Our deal was for her to get you to talk to me. If you truly want her deal to be fulfilled, you have but one choice. You have to talk to me." Now, it's clear Neal...Baelfire...Nealfire -- hell, I'm sticking with Neal, because it's easier to type. It's clear Neal hasn't been around his father in centuries, because if he were, he'd remember that dear old dad is much more about the letter of the law than the spirit and he'd say, "I've said words to you. You've said words to me. Deal fulfilled. Get out of my house." But no. Instead he tells Rumpy he has three minutes. We cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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