Once Upon a Time

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In A New York Minute

Storybrooke Hospital. Gregor Mendel is dressed and on the phone with Her whoever she is. He's being released, but he's going to stay in town for a while. When the person he's talking to wants to know why, he says, "Well, take a look at this and see." We get a shot of his phone. He's emailing Her a video of Regina making all of Belle's belongings float in the air. Dun dun dun! Cut to the...

Library. Hook lays the transparent map over a map of Storybrooke and points out the location of the dagger. Sucker. Cora says they'll take it from there. She and Regina start to walk out. When Hook protests, Cora magically flings him against the wall. He falls to the floor. Why can I see the black glove on his handless hand? I know he's missing his hook, but am I supposed to see that glove -- like is he letting it flop off the end of his stump, or should that have been edited out? I'm thinking the second. I guess CGIsland really did burn up the budget. The Mother of All Evil smirks as he lies prostrate on the floor. "The Kris dagger is much too powerful to be wasted on someone like you."

On their way out of the library, Regina turns to Cora. Her voice is hesitant at first. "So...is this what it was all about? Getting Rumple's dagger so you can obtain his dark powers?" Cora is Cora, so of course her answer is both evasive and manipulative. If they possess the dagger they can control his actions, once he's back in Storybrooke. They can make him kill Snow, Charming and Emma. "Our enemies will be vanquished and you will be blameless in the eyes of the only person who matters." Regina looks her mother in the eyes. "Henry." Oh Regina, please don't be fooled by her. You're no longer an inexperienced young girl. Hell, you kept Graham as your magically compelled sex slave and then crushed his heart with your bare hands. Wake up! Wake up! We cut to...

Manhattan. Fire Escape. When Henry asks Emma why she didn't tell him the truth, Emma says she never thought she'd see Neal again and didn't want to. She explains that he was a thief and a bad guy who broke her heart. Henry: "I could have taken it, you know. The truth!" Emma knows. "He was just a part of my life I wanted to forget. That's why I didn't tell you. I was thinking of me. Not you." Eyes downcast, Henry says, "I thought you were different, but you're just like her. Regina. She always lied to me, too." This knocks the wind out of Emma. She blinks and then finally manages to say, "I'm sorry." Henry's face is red, but his voice is steady as he says, "I want to meet my dad." Emma nods silently. Commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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