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While our story's characters cannot avoid fate writ large, they are free to make whatever choices are available to them. And whether or not they choose good or evil, they will have to deal with the consequences of those choices. Just as in our world, you can do right and still have wrong done to you, otherwise we wouldn't have the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished." But by choosing to do right, good things happen inside of us. We become stronger and finer. What happens to us isn't always our choice, but what happens inside of us is. "Manhattan" is a glorious look into this whole idea. I only hope that those of you who were turned off by the episode's focus on fate will take a moment and think about how the choices the characters make are far more important. Fate is there and is inescapable, but the real story is in each character's journey.

We open in the Enchanted Past. Rumplestiltskin arrives home glowing as he announces to Milah that he's been called to the front line of the Ogre War. While Milah seems genuinely concerned for her husband, he is thrilled. Not only are his weaving days behind him, he also has the chance to escape the shadow of his lily-livered father's cowardice. Milah is worried, but proud of him and tells him to go, be brave and fight honorably. After they declare their love for one another, Milah says, "When you return, we can start living the life we've always dreamed of. We can have a family." With that, we flash forward to...

Manhattan. Gold, Emma and Henry exit their taxi and stare up at the building in front of them. When Emma asks if they're at the right place, Gold confirms they are, but he seems disinclined to go any further. Emma says, "Let me guess. He's not expecting you." Okay, did Emma lose her fricking memory when they crossed the town line? I understand the need to say something, Emma, but since the only reason you're there is to help Gold find the son he lost centuries ago, why would you ever think there was a chance this visit was expected? Your inanity -- it burns. You know that thing about how there are no stupid questions? That's a lie, Emma. Gold agrees with me and doesn't bother to answer. He also manages not to bite her head off when she adds, "Well, who doesn't love a surprise?" The title card appears and gives me a second to shake this off.

Storybrooke. Day. At home, Regina tells Cora that Emma and Henry left town with Gold. When Cora reassures Regina that Henry will return safely, Regina says she knows, it's just that Henry won't be returning to her. Enter Hook, who demands to know where Rumpy has gone. Since he has left town, he is killable. Cora and Regina won't have their magic if they leave town. Hook sets up Regina to play Exposition Fairy when he asks if they'll lose their memories. Taking the wand, Regina explains that since none of them were victims of the curse, their memories are safe. This is all Hook needs to hear. He's ready to set off into the world and find, Rumpy and kill him. Given how moronic Hook later acts, the ladies should just let him go. I doubt he could find his way out of Maine. Instead, Cora enlists him to help them find the one weapon that can kill Rumplestiltskin in town -- the dagger of the Dark One. We cut to...

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