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In A New York Minute

Manhattan. Apartment Building. Interior. The trio examines the call button name tags to no avail, until Emma spots one that only bears an apartment number -- no name. When Gold doubts her hunch, Emma traffics in people who can't be found and knows their ways, so she rings the bell and says, "UPS package for 407." When the person on the other end shuts off the intercom, Henry says, "Maybe you should have said FedEx?" Heh. When Emma hears rattling, she realizes their man is using the fire escape to flee and rushes outside. With his limp, Gold cannot chase after Bae, so Gold says, "That favor you owe me? This is it: get him to talk to me. I can't run." Emma leaves her son with the man so twisted that he corrupted at least one woman (and probably two) into hideous villains, with nothing more than a "Watch Henry." Oh Regina, if you only had a good P.I., you'd never lose a custody battle with this girl.

Emma chases Baelfire. When he gets too far from her, she takes the other way around a building and runs smack into him. They both fall to the ground. As she's panting, she looks up at her target, only to find he is not only Baelfire, but Neal. This is anticlimactic as hell, but the big moments are going to come. It's what you do afterward that counts, and from this moment on, "Manhattan" is practically perfect. Commercial.

When Emma and Neal get to their feet, he asks her what she's doing there. Emma's voice is low and shaky as she tells him she will not answer anything until he tells her the truth. "Are you Gold's son?" Neal is all, "Who's Gold?" Emma: "You played me. You're from there. You played me. And he played me. You both played me. You and Gold." Neal hushes her and again asks who Gold is. Emma says, "Your father. Rumplestiltskin." Neal is blown away. He freaks when he realizes Rumpy is in New York. When he starts to yell at Emma, she shuts that nonsense right down. "Hey, I am the only one allowed to be angry, here! Did you know who I was -- where I was from -- the whole time? Was this just some sort of sick, twisted plan? Did you even care about me, at all? I wanna know. I want the truth. All of it!" Neal shushes her again and says they need to go somewhere else to talk about it -- like a bar. One look at Neal and I knew he was going to suggest a bar, didn't you? Emma refuses at first, but Neal is bound and determined not to be found by his father and walks off. Emma follows and we cut back to a...

Hot Dog Cart. Henry tries to reassure Gold that Emma will find Baelfire. After a little back and forth, he thanks the man for getting him a hot dog. Gold says, "You are quite welcome. And thank you." Henry: "For what?" Gold: "Well, if it wasn't for you bringing Emma to Storybrooke, none of this would have come to pass. You are a remarkable young man." Henry tells Gold that he forgave Emma for giving him up, and says he's sure Bae will get there, too. Without going into detail, Rumpy allows that the circumstances surrounding their separation were less noble. Henry says Rumpy's here now and wants him back -- that's all that matters.

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Once Upon a Time




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