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In the bar, Neal tells Emma that had he known who she was when they met, he never would have gone near her. He was in hiding. He came to our world to get away from all that magical crap. Emma concludes that he must just have been using her to take the fall for his stolen watches. Neal denies this and explains that while he didn't know who Emma was at first, he found out when he went to fence the watches. "I ran into a friend of yours -- August." We flash back to the events of "Tallahasee," which, of course is set in...

Portland, Oregon. Exposition Alley. Night. August opens the mysterious box that's strapped to the back of his bike. "When you see what I have in here, you're going to listen. You're going to believe every word I say." Neal grumbles, "Yeah right," then looks in the box to see August's typewriter. The paper in it reads: "I know you're Baelfire." Let's have a...

Sidebar. All right, Show. Look. Even though people have suspected Neal is Baelfire since he first passed that hansom cab, the reasonable among us understand why you've drawn out this revelation. And those of us who watched Lost (see what I did there) don't even think this revelation is all that drawn out. Most of us can certainly understand why you didn't reveal Neal's identity in "Tallahasee." That's not the problem. The problem is the mystery surrounding the box. In "Tallahasee," the contents of that box seemed so important. Surely it was something spectacular and fantastic (hey, don't blame us -- you're the one with all the magic). Now it turns out to be a piece of frigging paper with Bae's name on it. Blah. Now, I'm cutting you some slack, here. What I'm hoping is that August's typewriter winds up being important (like maybe it was used to write Henry's Once Upon A Time book), and that you're just seeding it into the series, slowly. If not though, if this was just a case of imagination failure, or perhaps, "We wanted to have something fantastic in the box, but we blew our CGI budget revisiting Anton's CGIsland," then fie on you. That's right. I said fie. Don't make me say it in earnest.

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Once Upon a Time




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