Once Upon a Time

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Enchanted past. Army camp. An officer is needed at the front, so he orders Rumpy to guard a nearby crate with his life. In it is a prisoner who can help them turn the tide of the battle. The officer leaves Rumpy with a warning: it's a tricky beast. As soon as he's alone with the crate, Rumpy hears a sing-song voice calling his name. When he pulls up the tarp to get a look at the prisoner, he is shocked to see she is but a child. Her eyes have been put out (I have big time eye squick; this is killing) sewn shut with big, horrendous Frankenstein-style stitches. She begs him for water, but Rumpy is freaked that she knows his name and asks how. She holds up her hands to reveal that embedded in each palm is an eyeball. I'm done talking about that now, right?

Anyhow, she holds up her hands with the... things in 'em and says she's a seer. Rumpy says, "That's not possible." Wait, so he's not only a coward, the Dark One, the "fairy" in the Cinderella story, Hook's crocodile, and Belle's beast? He's also the dumbest man that ever was? I mean, I don't personally believe in seers, but if some child with no eyes in her head, and extra eyes on her palms knew my name even before she got a look at me, and told me she was a seer, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Then again, I'd have also given her a cup of water as soon as she asked for it.

Seer goes on to say that Rumpy is the son of a coward, raised by spinsters, who is scared of turning out like his father. She reveals she can also see the future, including his. Rumpy says he won't indulge this dark magic, so Seer teases that she also has knowledge of his wife. When he demands to know what she knows, she again tells him to give her some water. This time he obliges. After Seer takes a sip, she says Milah is expecting and will bear him a son, "But your actions on the battlefield tomorrow will leave him fatherless." Rumpy wants to know how he can stop this from happening, but when Seer says he can't, he grabs the water from her and says he's done helping her. Seer says, "For now, but someday, you'll help me again." Rumpy blusters that he bets Milah isn't even pregnant and that Seer must be trying to trick him into deserting. Seer: "You shall see. Tomorrow, when you see the army ride cows into battle, you will know I speak the truth." Rumpy laughs this off and makes a crack about milkmaids manning the catapults, but Seer holds up her hand. The thing in her palm looks at him as Seer says, "There is no escaping it. You will have a son and your actions will leave him fatherless." We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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