Once Upon a Time

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In A New York Minute

Emma tries to continue her ruse, but it's no good, so she orders Henry to wait in the bathroom, then tells Gold there's nothing there to give them a clue to Bae's whereabouts Gold grows angry. He demands Emma to spill or he'll make her spill. When Emma points out that he doesn't have magic, here, Gold insists he doesn't need it. When he tells her not to push him, Emma stands firm. "Don't push me!" With his rage building, Rumpy knocks something over as he screams at Emma that they had a deal. "No one. No one breaks deals with me!" It's then that Neal bursts in and shouts, "Hey!" Once he has his father's attention, he says, "Leave her alone." Rumpy stumbles back until he's leaning against the wall. Commercial.

Sidebar. I'm just sitting here thinking about the scope of Robert Carlyle's range. Look at how many different facets of Rumpy/Gold he's show in just this episode, and yet he manages to make them all seem an organic part of this character. Overall, it's Jennifer Morrison whose "Manhattan" performance blows me away. She digs deep, but Carlyle surely deserves applause, too.

Enchanted Past: When Rumpy hobbles home, he's met by Milah who is holding their infant son in her arms. Her voice is soft as she says, "Rumple," and when she reveals she named the boy, "Baelfire," but don't get used to it, Rumpy. As soon as he pronounces Baelfire a good, strong name, Milah hisses that the baby will need it, "...if he has to live with the shame of being your son." Rumors travel quickly from the front, so Milah has already heard that he injured himself to avoid battle. When he explains about the Seer, Milah cannot hide her disgust. While he says he did it for her and the baby, Milah is convinced he left because he was afraid. "You became what everyone thought you were -- a coward, just like your father." Infuriated, the exhausted Rumpy rises and declares he is nothing like his father. "He tried to abandon me. I will never, ever do that to my son. That's why I did this -- for him. All for the boy -- to save him from the same fate I suffered, growing up without a father." Milah sneers as she looks at her husband. "You sentenced him to a fate much worse -- growing up as your son." When he asks what else he could have done, Milah says, "You could have fought, Rumple. You could have died." Rumpy: "You don't mean that?" Are you kidding me brother? Look at her face. Her features are rearranging themselves as we speak, to spell out CONTEMPT. Avoiding his eyes, Milah hands the baby to Rumpy, grabs the milk bucket, and runs out into the night. Rumpy doesn't even notice. He's already captivated by this baby in his arms. Crying, he promises the baby that he will never, ever leave him. We know how that turns out. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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