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Pan drops the arrow and inspects his hand, the palm of which is glowing with magic. As Neal and Rumpy run to grab their boy, the magic raps around and imprisons Pan. Pan admits he's impressed, but asks, "Bae," if what he's doing will really save Henry. Neal asks, "What could be worse than leaving him here with you?" Pan tells him to ask his father. After some back and forth between Neal and Rumpy, Pan realizes father hasn't told son about the "Undoing" prophecy that no one will spend two seconds parsing. Argh! Pan mentions the prophecy and says Neal has been tricked. "Your father isn't here to rescue your son. He's here to murder him." Commercial.

After the break, Rumpy, Neal, and a still unconscious Henry are on the other side of the island. Neal demands to know what Pan was talking about. Rumpy deflects the question by saying Pan plays mind games. Neal tries to wake Henry, but Rumpy says he can't hear him. It's safer to let him wake naturally than to magically wake him. If that's the case, Neal wants an explanation of the prophecy. Rumpy keeps evading the question, and refers to his son as Baelfire. Neal yells, "It's Neal. Now stop dodging and tell me what's going on." Rumpy finally acquiesces. He tells Neal about the Seer and her prophecy -- that the boy who would help him reunite with his son would be his undoing. He didn't know it would be his own grandson. Neal realizes Rumpy would do anything to thwart fate and get around the prophecy. Why don't either of these guys realize you can't get around a prophecy? Neal pronounces his father a cold-blooded son of a bitch. "You were going to kill him." To his credit, Rumpy answers, "Yes." When Neal screams at him to get away from the boy, Rumpy adds, "That was then. Things have changed. I didn't come here to Neverland to hurt Henry. I came here to save him." He admits that self-preservation has been his lifelong, nasty habit. "...but I came here to break it -- to do the right thing and to save your son, even if that meant sacrificing my own life. You have to trust me." Neal takes a step back. "How can I?" We flash back to the...

Enchanted Past. The Dark One is still on the outskirts of Hamelin, watching Pan's Lost Boys whoop it up. Pan taunts Rumple about not recognizing his son, not because of his mask, but because he's out in the world, playing with other boys. Finally, Rumpy finds his son and removes his mask. Bae asks his father why he's there. Rumpy says, "I know you don't think I care about you son, but I do. And I'm here to prove it." When Bae asks how, Pan says, "Go ahead, Rumple." Rumple hesitates, then goes another route. He grabs Bae by the arms. The boy asks what he's doing. Father says he's protecting his son, and with a flick of his wrist, he envelops Bae in a swirling cloud of thick, dark, red magic. Pan shouts, "You're going to regret not taking my deal, Rumple," and then the two are gone. We cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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