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Rumpy says he left them behind on Hook's ship, because none of them have the stomach to do what's required to save Henry. Neal walks towards the unconscious sentries. "Like what you did to these boys." Rumpy assures him they're only sleeping, not dead, "...for now." Neal asks that they leave it that way. I don't know. So far, the Lost Boys have been nasty baggages. I'm sure I'll learn their tragic tales and regret writing that, but right now, I regret nothing. As Neal grabs one of the boys weapons, Rumpy says he doubts Neal has the stomach to do what needs to be done either. Neal says he'll do what he must, but they can do it without killing Lost Boys. "So, I take it you have plan -- that the whole 'sacrifice your life' thing was just you being dramatic." Rumpy insists it's the only way. "Pan is too powerful. You can only beat him if you're willing to die -- which I am." Neal asks, "What if I told you there was another way." We cut to the...

Waterfront. Neal squats down and picks up a conch shell. Blowing into it, he summons a giant squid. As the beast approaches, we get a glimpse of Rumpy's inner coward. Backing up, he asks Neal what he's done. Neal ignores his father's nerves and asks for the spear, which he then hurls at the creature. Now, there's a rope (or chain -- some sort of lead) on the end of the spear, I don't know if it was always there, or what. Once the spear hits its target, Neal and Rumpy use the rope to pull the squid ashore.

Since Rumpy's still all, "A squid?" Neal says, "I believe you know how to extract ink from one of these bad boys." Neal points out that squid ink can immobilize magical creatures for a while. "Even Pan." Rumpy nods, and admits he has some experience with it. Some fans have been wondering how Neal knows about the squid ink. Well, first of all, he did spend time in Neverland. Secondly, he's spent some time poring over Henry's Once Upon A Time book. I take no issue with his knowledge in general. What's more, I am really liking competent Neal. I like seeing him in his element. This suits him far better than either NYC or Storybrooke. Rumpy asks how Neal plans to get close enough to use the ink. Neal says he doesn't need to. Picking up the Lost Boy's bow he adds, "All I need is one clean shot to get Henry back." Rumpy nods. "Well, leave that to me."

Hook leads Team Henry to a big rock. He asks Emma for some help, but in typical daddy form, Charming insists he'll help. He and Hook approach the rock and pull on a rope or vine hanging from it. When Hook whispers that Charming doesn't look so hot, Charming says, "It's a hundred degrees in this damned jungle." He waits a beat, then adds: "And I'm plenty hot." Poor David. it must be hard to have the strongest challenger to your Fairest In the Land status in your face, and sniffing around your daughter. Charming nudges Hook away from the rope and finishes pulling it on his own.

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