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Why are these tools pulling on some rope attached to a rock anyhow? Well, because doing so opens a secret door. This is not just a rock, but a cave. At Hook's, "Ladies first," the women enter, but Hook stops Charming at the door. "How much longer do you think you can keep up this charade? Don't you think your family deserves to know you're going to die." When Charming asks why he cares, Hook says, "Why don't you?" Hook is right here, so I don't really feel like presenting Charming's reasons in detail. It all boils down to his not wanting to distract the team from Operation Henry. And I can see his point, but what if he keels over in the middle of the mission? How would that not be a greater distraction than a confession while he's still on his feet? What's kind of cool is that Hook is the one to remind Charming about having hope. But when Charming asks if there is some hidden hope to curing him -- something Hook hasn't told him about, Hook affirms that there's no way Charming is getting off the island alive. That said, I think Hook is keeping something back. I also have a theory, so let's go to a...

Sidebar. What's one of the main things we all associate with Peter Pan? It's the idea that you have to believe in magic in order for magic to work, right? And in Once Upon A Time canon, we've watched Emma's slow acceptance of the magic inside herself. That's what's helped her harness it (not counting that first time that Cora tried to rip out her heart). I'm wondering if the key to defeating Pan is believing that you can. Maybe you have to stop thinking of him as a powerful demon and just think of him as a kid, or something. With the exception of the time Hook and his crew spent in Neverland, Pan hasn't had to deal with a lot of adults. Now he's got a bunch of them, there. Even though these adults have all seen magic work, their leader is Emma, who, unlike the rest of them, didn't grow up in a world with magic. On the other hand, we have Henry, the truest believer, so I'm wondering if believing that you can leave Neverland is how you leave Neverland. And with all this talk about people dying there (i.e. Rumpy and Charming) I'm also wondering if, when someone dies in Neverland, they end up back where they belong. These are idle thoughts, but they're here for you to chew over, should you wish.

Inside the cave, once Hook struggles to light a match off his Hook. Still needing to prove his virility, Charming walks up, flicks a lighter, and sets the torch ablaze. Team Henry finds the walls littered with drawings. Emma guesses and Hook confirms that this is where Neal made his home in Neverland. Hopefully, he's left behind some clue as to how he escaped, so the team can do likewise once they've successfully completed Operation Henry. We flash back to the...

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