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Enchanted Past. In Hamelin or another CGI village like it, Rumpy watches from a rooftop as boys sneak out of their homes and down the road. He follows them to a clearing in the woods, where masked boys dance and whoop around a fire. He calls out for Bae and even grabs some boys to try to look at the faces beneath their disguises, but he has no luck. Finally, he spies the hooded figure playing the pan flute. Grabbing the flute, he breaks it in two. "Where's my son, Piper?"

With bowed head, the hooded figure asks, "Is that what they're calling me?" He then straightens up, throws back his hood and says, "We both know who I really am." Rumpy takes a couple of steps back. Peter Pan says, "Been a long time, laddie. Glad you could make the show." Commercial.

After the break, Pan says, "Look at who's all grown up and become the Dark One. Good for you." When Rumpy asks what he's doing there, Pan says he gets lonely in Neverland. His only friends are children who visit in their dreams; they can't stay. "The boys I take back with me will stay." Rumpy says, "You're here for my son." After Pan confirms this, Rumpy tells him it will take more than a magic pipe to take his son. Pan explains that the only thing magic about the pipe is that only boys who feel unloved or lost can hear it. "I guess that's why you can hear it, Rumple. Isn't it?" Rumpy says, "Don't pretend to know me. You don't. Not anymore." Pan mocks Rumpy's hunger for power, and calls him a lonely, lost boy, then decides to keep that last bit as a name for his new "friends." Let's jump to a...

Sidebar. This is creepy as hell. It's also impressive. Eighteen year old Robbie Kay holds his own, beat for beat, with the incredible Robert Carlyle. I've seen some people contrast Kay's skill with that of Jared Gilmore. I don't think that's a fair comparison. Kay has five years on Gilmore, and when you're only 13, five years is a huge chunk of your life. It's still a significant chunk at 18. Besides which, Kay is playing a cooler character, one that has captivated imaginations for about a century. That's a big challenge for an actor, because the audience has some hefty expectations. The plus side of it is, starting out, he has more than words on a page, and a director's guidance, with which to work. Now, I'm not saying young Mr. Gilmore could, right now, do what Kay is doing with Pan. Kay's presence is undeniable. I'm just saying that I think Gilmore brings everything he needs to the very different role of Henry. All right, look. I'm a mom. Stop picking on a little kid, you guys. Let's have another...

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