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Hook can't find any significance in the drawings. He and Emma talk a little about Hook's time with the then Baelfire, but nothing significant is said. Still, it's clear the thought of Neal is painful to Emma. She turns to her parents and asks if they've found anything. They're looking at come cups and bowls Neal fashioned. Charming picks up another jagged-cut coconut half and says it wouldn't make a great cup, since it's full of holes. Snow suggests it's a tiny colander. Regina sneers. "Yes, because preteen Baelfire probably made lots of pasta." Heh. Regina is so much more enjoyable when she's snarking, than when she's whinging about her so-called victimhood.

While everyone has been talking, Emma has been studying not-colander. She notices that the jagged edges match up and gets an idea. At her request, Emma asks Hook to snuff out the torch. She carefully fits the not-colander atop her candleholder. The candlelight beams through the holes. Regina asks, "Am I supposed to be impressed he made a nightlight?" Emma looks from the candle to the cave's ceiling and tells the team, "Look up." Snow says, "Stars." Hook realizes what he's seeing. "It's a map." Charming asks to wear. With a soft smile and softer voice, Emma says, "Home." We cut to...

Pan's Camp. A breeze blows through, extinguishing the fire and torches. Henry and every other Lost Boy, save Pan, is knocked unconscious. Pan rises and says, "We have a guest -- no doubt someone who knows how much I like guessing games. Who could it be? I guess..." Pan pauses to relight the campfire with a flick of his wrist then turns to face Rumpy, and says, "The Dark One. Come to save Henry, have you, laddie?" Neal, meanwhile, is creepy through the brush to get into position. "How exciting, the Dark One ready to sacrifice his life for his family. Speaking of family..." Pan flicks his fingers and lights a torch. "You can come out now, Baelfire."

Neal reveals himself. With his crossbow at the ready, he says, "My name's Neal, now." Thank you, Neal. I like calling the kid Bae (or Baelfire) and the man Neal, because you're so different. Pan crows about how heartwarming it is to see father and son working together, "...especially after you abandoned him, Rumple." His smile does nothing to dissuade me from speculating that there aren't three family members (including unconscious Henry) in that camp, but rather four. Pan pronounces this a "...real family reunion," then his smile turns into a sneer. Rumpy whispers to Neal, "What are you waiting for." Neal says, "I've got this." He fires an arrow, which Pan catches just before it hits his throat. Pan says Neal is clever, but they've been through this before. "Have you remembered nothing?" Neal says he remembers plenty. "That's why I didn't coat the tip." Atta boy, Neal. You put the ink on the arrow's shaft. If you keep up this competence streak, I'm going to start to forget how much I hated Emma telling you she loved you in last season's finale.

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