Once Upon a Time

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Fairy Tales Can Come True

Henry walks in despite not being invited, so he's not a vampire. Emma insists she doesn't have a son, but Henry asks if she gave a baby up for adoption ten years ago. "That was me." Emma excuses herself for a minute and retreats to the bathroom where she tries to catch her breath. When she rejoins Henry, he's swigging her orange juice, right from the bottle. He wants her to come home with him, and tells her they need to get going. When Emma says she's going to call the cops, Henry threatens to tell them she kidnapped him. Emma: "And they'll believe you, because I'm your birth mother."

Emma thinks over his threat and then calls his bluff -- saying he won't do it. When Henry says, "Try me," Emma smiles at him. "You're pretty good, but here's the thing. There's not a lot I'm great at in life, but I have one skill -- let's call it a superpower. I can tell when anyone is lying, and you kid -- are." Henry begs her not to call the cops and asks her to bring him home instead. When Emma hears home is in Storybrooke, Maine, she says, "Storybrooke? Seriously?" Nonetheless, she agrees to take him.

Enchanted Forest: A now pregnant Snow White is fretting about the Evil Queen's threats. Charming tells her she needs to let it go as they're about to have a baby. When he says Queenie can't hurt them, Snow says, "She poisoned an apple because she thought I was prettier than her. You have no idea of what she's capable." Oh Snow, if you're going to be all "of what she's capable," you should probably also say, "Prettier than she." Just sayin'... When Charming asks how he can ease her mind, Snow asks, "Let me talk to...h im." Whoever He is, He sees the future. Charming is against this at first because He is dangerous and locked up for a reason, but acquiesces once Snow asks him to reconsider, "For our child."

Our World, Highway: Emma drives a yellow VW Bug. Henry wants to stop for snacks, but Emma says that's too road-trippy, and this is not a road trip. She asks him about his book. Henry thinks she's not ready to know. Emma's all, "Ready for some fairy tales?" Henry: "They're not fairy tales. They're true. Every story in this book actually happened." When Emma scoffs, Henry says, "Use your superpower. See if I'm lying." Emma says, "Just because you believe something doesn't make it true." Henry: "That's exactly what makes it true." That's deep, kid. I mean that. Henry tells her she ought to know, because she's in the book, too. Emma tells him he has problems. Henry says, "Yep, and you're gonna fix them."

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Once Upon a Time




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