Once Upon a Time

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Fairy Tales Can Come True

The Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) enters with some knights trailing in her wake. They're carrying a tree. Grumpy (played by Lee Arenberg, and not to be confused with Robert Carlyle's Rumpy) is not impressed when Blue says the tree is their only hope for saving the child. He likes the fighting plan. Blue ignores him and says, "The tree is enchanted. If fashioned into a vessel it can ward off any curse. Geppetto, can you build such a thing?" Geppetto (Tomy Amendola) says he and his boy can do it. He pats the head of the real boy seated as his foot. Blue tells Snow that it will work, and that they all must have faith. "There is, however, a catch." My word, look at her breasts. Sorry. But my word. "The enchantment is indeed powerful, but all power has its limits..." Except the power of your corset, Blue. "And this tree can protect only one." One boob? Oh, sorry. One person. Right. Check.

Our World, Mayoral Manse, Exterior: Henry begs Emma not to take him back, but she says his parents must be worried sick. Henry says he has no parents -- just a mother who is evil and only pretends to love him. Just then, his mother, Mayor Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla, who plays the Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest) runs out the door and hugs Henry. Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) follows. Regina asks Henry if he's okay and where he's been. Henry snits: "I found my real mom," and runs inside the house. Regina looks devastated as she turns to Emma and asks if she's Henry's birth mother. When Emma says an awkward, "Hi," in return, Regina asks, "How would you like a glass of the best apple cider you've ever tasted?" Don't do it, Emma! Emma shakes her head. "Got anything stronger?" Good girl.

Inside, Emma and Regina discuss that they have no idea how Henry found Emma, since the birth records were sealed. When Regina inquires about Henry's biological father, Emma only says, "There was one." Regina wonders if she needs to be worried about him. Emma: "Nope. He doesn't even know." Regina then asks if she needs to be worried about Emma. Emma takes her drink and says, "Absolutely not." They're interrupted by Sheriff Graham, who earlier followed Henry into the house. He tells Regina she can relax. Henry's tired, but otherwise fine. Regina thanks him, then he walks off.

Regina brings Emma into her study and closes the door. She explains that she's had trouble balancing things in her life since she took office. When she asks about Emma's job, Emma just says she keeps busy. When she sets her glass on the coffee table, she can't help but notice the big bowl of apples sitting in the middle of it. Regina talks about the challenges of being a single mom. She admits she's strict, but says she wants Henry to excel in life. "I don't think that makes me evil, do you?"

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Once Upon a Time




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