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Wow. I just want to turn this recap into one big love letter to Once Upon A Time, and perhaps I shall. Because of how TWoP deadlines fall, because of my silly home life, and because of the wonky way in which my brain works, I'm always jumping back and forth between my two shows (OUAT and The Vampire Diaries).

I write recaplets right after an episode airs, but I need a couple of days to rewatch repeatedly, take notes, and let my thoughts stew, before I start the full recap. There are some benefits to this method. For example, this season, when OUAT was moving too slowly for me (especially where the Charming family reunion is concerned), TVD's breakneck pace satisfied my need for instant gratification. When TVD moved too quickly -- when it shorthanded development or plotting -- OUAT was there for me, painstakingly planting seeds and deliberately developing its upcoming revelations, with tender loving care.

I was about 3/4s of the way through with this week's OUAT recap, when I sat down to watch TVD last night. Today, I'm so glad I have OUAT to return to, because my palate is in serious need of cleansing, after the misogyny-fest that was last night's TVD.

People like to talk about the sexism (and other problems) inherent in fairy tales. I know it's there and am not trying to minimize it. The thing is, I try hard not to judge stories of the past (or people, for that matter -- I'm looking at you, Thomas Jefferson) ONLY by present day standards. Like for instance, I believe that, regardless of when it took (or still takes) place, slavery is evil. That's a no-brainer, I know. That said, I don't think someone like Jefferson can only be defined in light of his participation in that evil institution. He took part in it willingly, even though he had moral problems with it. He let it corrupt him. The thing is, we're all corrupt to some degree or another. Think back to when you were four years old -- or whatever age at which you were still your best self. Don't you do things now that four year old you would have been appalled at? I sure do. I try not to, but I'm fallible. I'm full of conflicting desires and principles. I get lazy, selfish, greedy, or filled with self-pity. I am often not the woman four-year-old me would have considered my best self.

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