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Lake Nostos. Present. Cora takes out the well, reminds Hook she promised she'd get him to Rumpy, and then tells him to hold onto the compass and not let go, unless he wants to end up somewhere other than Storybrooke. The dastardly duo clutches the compass until the Fairest Of Them All shoots an arrow, which knocks it right from their grubby little hands. The compass sinks into the sand. From the other side of the water, Emma shouts that the portal will take her and Snow home, instead.

Snow tells Emma and Mulan to find the compass, while she takes care of Cora. Cora tells Hook to find the compass while she takes care of Team Princess. I tell my kids to find the compass, while I get some popcorn. When Cora throws a fireball their way, Mulan is able to deflect it with her sword. Also, armed with a sword, Emma charges at Hook. I've seen a lot of people criticize her fencing skills, but since this is possibly her second ever sword fight, let's cut her some slack. If she was an instant expert, that would feel like cheating. I can't excuse Hook's skills here, except to offer that if you are an expert and some newbie comes clunking and hacking at you (and kicking you), maybe it's a little hard to employ your usual grace. It's like playing Chess with a 3-year-old, or to be fair, with me. You never know what we'll do next! As Snow watches the two fight, she readies her bow and arrow.

When Hook disarms Emma, she lunges at him, instead. What she's lacking in grace, she more than makes up with gumption. Hook easily flips Emma to the ground. When she reaches for her fallen blade, he drags her by her foot. Snow fires an arrow at him but narrowly misses. She's about to shoot again, when she notices Mulan in a bit of a sticky situation with Cora.

Taking aim at the Mother of All Evil, Snow lets an arrow fly. Cora disappears in a puff of purple smoke. The sack carrying Aurora's heart falls down toward the portal. Hook stretches out his hook and bends over backwards (pretty much literally) to save it. As Emma takes the opportunity to rise and retrieve her sword, Hook turns to Mulan and tosses her the sack. "I may be a pirate, but I bristle at the thought of a woman losing her heart, unless it's over me." I'd be a lot more approving of this gesture if (a) he hadn't bitch-slapped Belle and tried to kill her, and (b) if I didn't consider him quick enough on his feet to figure out that with Cora nowhere to be seen, he needs to give Team Princess a reason to spare his life.

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