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Mother Knows Best

When Mulan hesitates, Snow yells at her to return to Aurora. Mulan knows they need the compass, but Snow insists that Aurora needs her heart. Handing her sword to Snow, Mulan tells her to take it. It deflects Cora's magic. We cut to Emma and Hook for a little banter and some more awkward fencing. When he knocks Emma to the ground, Cora reappears and whistles to get Snow's attention.

Leaning over Emma, Hook hooks his hook (yeah, I know) around the blade of Emma's sword, and oh so suggestively slides it downward. "Normally, I prefer to do other more pleasant activities with a woman on her back. With my life on the line, you've left me no choice. A bit of advice: when I jab you with my sword, you'll feel it." Oh my word, I'm going to pass out from the entendre. Yeah, no, there's nothing double about it. All the while, Emma is surreptitiously feeling the sand in search of the compass. Hook suggests she might want to quit. Emma grabs the compass. "Why would I do that, when I'm winning." She throws him off and rises to her feet. Although they again start to fight with their swords, Emma uses a weapon with which she's more adept: her fist. With compass still firmly in hand, she gives him a powerful right hook and knocks him out. Once he's down, she turns to Snow and yells, "Now let's go home!" And no, I don't know the difference between a right hook and a right cross, nor so I care. Remember? I am so not your action recapper, and this episode is chock full of action. I'm hanging on by a thread here, people.

Storybrooke Wishing Well. The green energy is still crackling away when Red and Henry arrive. He knows Regina isn't helping Snow and Emma. Regina turns to him and says, "I'm helping you, Henry." Red looks at the well, rushing toward it says, "You're going to kill them." Rumpy magically throws her back.

Henry looks from an unconscious Red to Regina, who explains they can't let Cora come through the portal. He has no idea what she'll do to them. Henry assures Regina and Rumpy that Snow and Emma will win and come through. Good always defeats Evil. Man, I love the Charmings. He turns to Regina and adds, "You should know that more than anyone." Oh, nice guilt trip, Henry. One day, you're going to make a terrifically effective parent.

Regina's response to Henry evokes the sentiment, if not words, of her eulogy to her not-dead mother. Cora will destroy everything she loves. That means she will destroy Henry. Regina can't let that happen. We flash sideways to...

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