Once Upon a Time
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Mother Knows Best

Lake Nostos. As Cora and Snow circle each other, Emma goes rushing at Cora with her sword raised. Cora again disappears in a cloud of purple smoke. Snow and Emma rush to the lake, but the smoke appears there and from it, Cora rematerializes and throws them back. Emma lands near a skeleton. When Snow gets back on her feet first, Cora marches at her. Emma struggles to get up, but Cora magically thrusts her back down.

When Cora reaches Snow, Snow asks why she wants to go to Storybrooke. Cora says her daughter needs her. "And now I'm going to give her the one things she's always wanted: your heart. Goodbye, Snow." At that, Emma jumps up and throws herself between her mother and Regina's. Cora's heart winds up in Emma's chest, instead. As Snow screams Emma's name, Cora mocks her accidental target. "Oh, you foolish girl. Don't you know -- love is weakness." It's when she tries to pull out Emma's heart, though, that the real magic happens. Cora's hand is stuck. She tugs and tugs and tugs some more.

Emma's eyes flood with the sweet, bright light of epiphany. She narrows them, and with a voice soft and calm says, "No. It's strength." She stands up straight as she starts to glow. The power flowing through our savior throws the Mother of All Evil to the ground. Snow rushes to Emma and places her hand over her daughter's still intact chest. Stunned, Emma looks nearly frozen as she says, "What was that?" With tears streaming down her cheeks, Snow caresses Emma's face. "That is a great subject for discussion, when we get home." Good decision, Snow. The women run to the water's edge, grab hold of the compass and each other's hand, and jump into the portal. We flash sideways to...

Storybrooke Wishing Well. Regina has to restrain Henry who is trying to get to the well. He pleads with Regina to stop the spell. "You're going to kill them. Please. No." Commercial.

After the break, Henry continues to plead his case. When he gets to the well, Regina drags him back and asks what he's doing. He knows Emma and Mary Margaret will make it through. "You said you wanted to change. You'd better. This is how. Want me to have faith in you? Have faith in me."

As Regina listens, a tear rolls down her cheek. Releasing her grip on her son, she straightens up and heads to the well. Rumpy tries to call her back, but she ignores him, stretches her hands above the well and draws off all the energy. As it courses through her she is overcome by it and knocked to the ground. Once the crackling has ceased, Henry looks at the now still well and yells, "No." Regina pushes herself off the ground and says, "Sorry, Henry. I'm sorry."

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Once Upon a Time




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