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Emma knows he's blowing a little bit of smoke up her ass so she says, "You created the curse, Gold. You made me the savior, so everything I've ever done is exactly what you wanted me to do." Rumpy smiles before setting her straight. "I created the curse, dearie, but I didn't make you. I merely took advantage of what you are -- the product of true love. That's why you're powerful. And everything you've done, you've done yourself."

Emma backs up a little. Eyes wide, she says, "So you don't know?" When Rumpy asks what she's talking about, Emma tells him that Cora tried to rip out her heart. "But she couldn't. She was blasted back by something inside me. By...by..." Rumpy finishes for her. "...By magic. Whatever that was, I didn't do that. You did." Aww. Yay, Emma! We flash sideways to...

Rumpy's Cell. When Mulan takes Aurora's heart out of the sack, Aurora looks at her with eyes wide. I think I've mentioned "wide eyes" about 75 times in this recap. Sorry about that. Aurora then says, "Have you ever done this, before?" I'll let you decide what to do about the subtext that's rapidly becoming text. Mulan looks Aurora in the eye. "No." Without hesitating too long, She thrusts her hand through Aurora's chest and restores the girl's heart. Like I said, it's your call. Aurora gasps and smiles. When she catches her breath, she thanks Mulan, who asks what they should do now.

Aurora smiles. "Cora told me something. When a wraith consumes a soul, it's not trapped there forever. It can be reunited with its body." When Mulan asks if she thinks they can save Phillip, Aurora says, "We can try." Rising to her feet, Mulan holds out her hand to Aurora. "Then let's try."

Back on the shores of Lake Nostos, Hook awakens to find Cora, who tells him, "We've failed." Hook echoes her earlier taunt, saying how little faith she still has in him after all this time, then holds up the petrified bean, which Cora points out is useless. Hook reminds her that they're standing at the edge of regenerative waters. "Perhaps it's time to do some gardening." We flash sideways to...

Storybrooke. Gold's Shop. Henry goes to Regina and says, "I was right. You really have changed." He hugs and thanks her. Regina holds on tight. Charming and Snow stop making out long enough to acknowledge Emma's presence. When Charming says they have some catching up to do, Red says they can do over dinner at Granny's and it's on the house. Emma: "As long as it's not chimera, I'm in." Heh. She then calls out to Henry, "Hey kid. You hungry?" Letting go of Regina, Henry says, "Yeah." As his hand slips through hers, Regina watches her boy go to his biological mother's side. He turns back to her and says, "See you later," even as Emma embraces him. Everyone who isn't Regina heads off to the reunion supper.

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