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Rumpy leads Regina down to the mine in which Grumpy recently discovered the magical fairy-dust producing diamonds. He takes out the magic wand he swiped when he killed Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. Raising it, he uses it to suck all the magic from the diamonds. The wand now glows purple, which is magic's signature color, at least in Storybrooke. We flash back to the...

Enchanted Past. Knifingham Palace. Stop looking at Regina's hair! Regina enchants Hook's hook. It will enable him to rip one heart, so Hook had better make sure he rips out Cora's heart and does it right. When he wonders what Cora did to deserve this end, Regina barks that it is her business. He must set out on his journey, immediately.

Regina strolls to a chaise in her chamber and pulls off the covers to reveal Claude, the guard Hook killed. Since she banished Cora to a far off world, Hook will need a portal to get to her. Taking out Jefferson's hat, Regina explains the rules of magical hat induced portal travel. If one goes in, only one can come back. In this case, if two enter (Hook and Dead Claude), two can return (Hook and Dead Cora). Hook's destination is Wonderland. All you fans who have been speculating for ages that Cora is the Queen of Hearts from Jefferson's "Hat Trick" episode are getting a standing ovation from me, right now. (Hey, this isn't an exclusive love letter.) Regina throws the hat to the floor. As it spins, we are transported to...

Wonderland. Hook is presented to the still-masked Queen of Hearts, who, through her speaking horn, asks why he's come to Wonderland. Hook lies with the truth and says he's searching for Cora. At that, Cora drops her mask, forgets about her speaking horn, and rises from her throne. "In this land, she goes by Your Majesty." She orders her court to give leave them, then asks the pirate his name. After telling her, he presents her with a necklace, and claims he comes bearing gifts, but it's just a ruse to get within striking distance. Cora asks about the portal hat. Since Hook arrived with a dead man, she wonders with whom he'll return.

Hook all but cackles as he answers, "You," and then strikes at Cora's chest. While he digs his hook in deep, when he pulls it out, it is still heart-free. Cora laughs at him. As the Queen of Hearts, she's wise enough not to keep her own heart in such a predictable location. She then thrusts her hand into Hook's chest and demands who sent him there to kill her.

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Once Upon a Time




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