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Mother Knows Best

Cora seems startled and saddened to learn her own daughter wants her dead. I'm not going to waste any time feeling sorry for her, unless and until she chooses to walk the road of redemption. While still holding Hook's heart (inside his chest) she tells him to confess everything he knows and do exactly what she wants. "When you hold a heart, you control it. You have the power." That's quite profound commentary on love, if you think about it. It ties in nicely with Elena and Damon's current predicament on TVD, but ptooey. I wasn't going to think about that, today. Let's flash forward to the...

Enchanted Present. Rumpy's Cell. The camera pans from poor heart-free Aurora (who is eying the compass), to Emma, who is still puzzling over the scroll. Snow explains that because her daughter was the key to breaking the curse, Rumpy was obsessed with Emma. They're interrupted when Mulan finds the jar of squid ink -- that is, the jar which is now empty of squid ink. While the rest of Team Princess mutters over it, Aurora throws a big rock at a device outside the cell, and the cell door slams shut.

When Emma yells, "Aurora, what are you doing?" Cora appears and answers, "Helping me." Hook stands back as Cora strides to the cell and magics the compass out of Emma's hand. She just laughs at Emma for struggling to free herself from a cell that once successfully held the Dark One. When Team Princess asks Aurora how she could do this, Cora shows them Aurora's heart and says the princess was only doing as told.

Emma: "You took her heart?" Hook says, "Actually, I did. It was a gift." Cora squeezes the heart a little, which drives Aurora nearly to her knees. As Cora prepares to sweep majestically out of the room, Emma asks Hook to wait. "Please don't do this. My son is in Storybrooke. He needs me." Hook: "Perhaps you should have considered that before you abandoned me on that beanstalk." Emma: "You would have done the same." Hook gets as close to her as the bars will allow. "Actually, no." As Emma draws a quick breath, Hook removes a necklace from his pocket and asks Emma if she knows what it is. Grabbing at it, she says it's the blighted bean that the giant kept. Hook snatches it out of her reach. "Uh uh uh. Yes, indeed. A pirate always keeps a souvenir of his conquests. This is much more than a mere trinket. This is a symbol of something that was once magical -- full of hope and possibility." Is he flirting with her, even as he rubs her current failure in her face? Hook: "Now look at it. Dried up. Dead. Useless. Much like you. Time for making deals is done -- just as I'm done with you." Wow, he's as nasty as he is pretty.

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