Once Upon a Time
Quite A Common Fairy

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Tink tries to hide it, but she's disarmed by Snow's profession of faith. Emma tells Tink if she can just get them inside, they'll take it from there. Tink wants to know what's in it for her, other than a death sentence from Pan, once they're gone with their boy. Emma says Tink can come with them. Snow adds, "That's right. Home. That is what you want, isn't it." Tink tells them to listen closely. Pan trusts her, so he'll let her in. Just maybe Tink will leave a way open for them, but they'll only get one shot, so they'd better have a good plan. They head back to their camp, but Charming lingers for a moment, looking at Tink's cave. Snow turns back and asks if he's okay. He covers, by saying he just wants to get Henry back, then changes the subject and asks how Snow knew it would work to offer Tink a home. Snow says that when she was living as a bandit, all she wanted was a home. "The thing is, I never found it until you came along. Even now, when I'm with you, I mean -- that's all I need." Snow can't help but notice how stricken Charming looks and again asks if he's okay. He sighs, smiles and tells her he loves her. Snow starts off, saying, "Come on. The last thing we need is to get lost in here." We cut to...

Pan's camp. Henry finally reaches down and retrieves the discarded scroll. He unrolls it to find that sketch of himself that Pan has had at least since the time his Lost Boys snatched young Baelfire from Hook's ship. We cut to the...

Neverland sky. Once the Shadow flies over land, Neal releases his grip and falls a long way down to the ground. Wincing, He gets himself to his feet. From behind, Felix says, "Welcome home, Baelfire." Neal turns to face Felix, who continues, "Pan will be so happy to see you." We cut to...

Operation Henry's Camp. Hook cuts into a coconut and hands it to Emma so she can take a drink. Tink leaves her seat by the fire and crosses over to Regina, who is sitting apart from the group, and leaning against a tree. Tink asks if Regina ever went back and found the man with the lion tattoo. Regina says, "No." Tink shakes her head and says, "Unreal. Do you know how selfish that is?" Regina knows it's a lot of things, but doesn't understand how it's selfish. Tink says, "Because you didn't just ruin your life. You ruined his." We flash back to the...

Enchanted Forest. Robin and his men are sitting around a campfire when Mulan joins them. Robin extends his hand in welcome, to give us a good, if unsurprising view of the lion tattooed on the underside of his forearm. Fittingly, it's not just a lion, but a Richard the Lionheart shield.

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Once Upon a Time




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