Once Upon a Time
Quite A Common Fairy

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fairy answers, "I am Tinker Bell." Whee! I love Tink (who, here is played by Rose McIver). Commercial.

At an open air tavern, Regina tells Tink her twisted version of Snow's alleged crimes against her, and whines about her marriage too. "I may be the queen, but alone in that forest, I feel like nothing." Tink says, "No wonder you jumped." Regina denies this and says she fell. Tink's not buying that, but she pretends like she is. Regina insists she fell, but admits if she had jumped, she had good reasons. Tink tells Regina she can help her find what she needs. Regina needs love. She's never known pixie dust to fail at finding it. Regina thinks her happy ending looks like Snow's head on a plate, but Tink tries to talk her down. As a fairy, she can help Regina. "You might try believing in me." We cut to...

Neverland. As Emma and the gang trek through the jungle, Regina suggests to Emma that they combine and use their magic again. Leave it to Jane to sneak HoYay into the subtext. Emma refuses, because magic always comes with a price. Regina points out that sometimes not using it also has its price. Emma is intent on finding Tink and enlisting her help. Regina sneers something about how Emma must think that's the best plan because her boyfriend came up with it. Emma's all: "My boyfriend? Hook? What's your problem?" Snow adds, "She just lost Neal." Regina actually appears contrite when she says she's sorry. "I'm just worried about Henry." We cut to...

Pan's camp. Pan laces arrows with the deadly Dreamshade, alludes to the William Tell legend, and decides to have an apple shooting contest. Henry is to shoot an apple off of Felix's head, using a poisoned arrow for motivation. Perhaps Henry is a fan of '80s music, because instead, he decides to shoot that poison arrow at Pan's heart. Darn the luck, Pan catches it, and oddly doesn't seem to take offense. We cut to...

Emma and crew. The women lead the way, so Hook pulls Charming aside and makes it clear he knows Charming was wounded by a poison arrow. Once Charming knows the ladies are out of sight, he shows Hook his wound. Hook says he's sorry, and says Charming has days, or weeks at most. He won't see summer. He suggests Charming tell Snow, but of course the goober doesn't want to. Charming is hoping that pixie dust can help him. I hope it cures the dumb streak that runs straight through the heart of his heroism as well. We flash back to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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