Once Upon a Time
Quite A Common Fairy

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Enchanted Past. As Tink and Regina walk away from the tavern, just take a moment to appreciate the set decoration here. Look at the daisy chain of Black-eyed Susans adorning the tavern. Regina asks Tink if she really thinks her plan will make Regina happy. Tink is sure it will. When the clock chimes, Tink says she's late, but promises to see Regina soon, shrinks down to fairy size and flies off into the twilight.

Tink lands in a bed of improbably brightly colored tulips. She stands before a green one, which I imagine is her bed, but when the front petal drops, blue is waiting inside. Tink tries to disarm the boss lady with flattery, but Blue (who calls Tink "Green") reads her the riot act. "You're late. You have already broken every rule in the book. Curfew. Dust discipline. You got big for no reason." Tink tries to explain that she's helping Regina. Blue asks if Tink knows that Regina is the daughter of Cora (the heart ripper-outer) and the pupil of the Dark One. Blue says Green is lucky to still be alive. She pronounces Regina surrounded by darkness and beyond help.

Tink argues that Regina sounds exactly like someone who does need help and asks for some pixie dust. Blue says, "Not a chance. You fly away from this one, Green." Tink says, "My name isn't Green. It's Tinker Bell. And I can't believe you want me to ignore someone who needs help. That's not very fairy-like." Blue says she'll be the judge of that. She ends the discussion and pretty much puts Tink on house arrest. Tink agrees with Blue, only until the older fairy flies off. Once she's alone, Tink heads back to the Enchanted Forest. Commercial.

Enchanted Forest. Present. Rumpy's Castle. Neal's big plan is to use Roland to summon the Shadow, then he (Neal) will grab it and ride it to Neverland. Robin isn't crazy about using his toddler as bait. Neal's able to convince him otherwise though, even though Robin seems to have a firm grasp of all the possible ways this could go wrong. I get that. I mean, this is why we need mothers. The thing is, the way in which Neal convinces him flies in the face of Robin's history with Rumplestiltskin (sic). You see, when Robin tells Neal that his wife died, and Roland is all he has left, Neal uses that common bond to appeal to Robin. He asks how Robin's sick wife was able to live and bear their child. Robin says, "You know how." Neal says, "My father. He saved her, and your son." NOT HARDLY, SHOW. Robin tried to steal a healing wand from Rumpy. Rumpy locked him up. Belle set Robin free. He took the wand to heal Marian. Rumpy then tried to kill them, and Belle saved them that time, too (although I don't think Robin and Marian know about that part). I can see Neal getting the story wrong, but why does Robin? It's his own story. Ugh. He gives in to Neal but tells him he only has one shot at this cockamamie plan. Neal says, "You've got to understand, this is my second chance." We cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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