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Enchanted Forest. Present. Mulan lays out the logistics of their plan to bait and snag the Shadow. Robin is impressed. While they prepare, Neal admits that while he's hoping to save his family, even if he succeeds, that might not be enough to reunite them as a family. He loves them, but he's not sure he can earn back Emma. Mulan asks why he wouldn't. He admits, "'Cause I screwed it up the first time. Hopefully, I'll get another chance. When Emma told me she loved me, I waited way too long before I said I felt the same. I won't make that mistake again." Um, what? Will someone on the crew get my Jane a copy of the season 2 DVDs, please? Neal certainly did screw it up the first time, but not by waiting too long to tell Emma he loves her. He screwed it up by going along with August's sadistic plan to send Emma to prison, for Neal's crimes. Mulan is sure Emma will forgive him. I'm sure that Mulan is probably right, but on top of Neal's retcon regarding Rumpy saving Marian, I'm starting to think that at the end of last season, he didn't fall through a portal to the Enchanted Forest. He fell through a portal to another show.

Anyhow, Neal tells Mulan that he learned his lesson the hard way. When you love someone, you don't keep it in. You say it. He's not wrong about that, but when you love someone, you also don't send them to prison for your crimes, and keep their magical destiny a secret from them. That's the real problem. Asshat. Mulan takes Neal's retcon to heart. While she lets his wisdom steep, Little John comes in, carrying wee Roland. Robin preps him for what's to come and then asks the tike if he remembers his lines. Roland says, "Yeah. I say..." Robin, Neal and Mulan stop the boy from saying any more. They get into position. Roland stands before the window and on his father's cue, he says, "I believe." Nothing happens at first, so Neal suggests the boy says it one more time. Robin says, "No, I'm sorry, mate. That's it." Which, I wouldn't let my kid be bait for a demonic Shadow, but if I did, and the Shadow was a slow poke, I guess I wouldn't see the harm in letting the kid repeat himself.

It doesn't matter. The windows fly open. The Shadow flies in. Robin scoops up Roland, who yells in fright. The Shadow reaches out its wispy arms and grabs the boy by the hand. Mulan springs into action. Sword in hand, she slices at the Shadow, 'til it releases its grasp. The Shadow recoils from Mulan's blade. When it flies out the window, Neal runs for it, jumps off the ledge and latches on to the Shadow's leg. Mulan, Roland, and Robin watch in amazement, because this cockamamie plan actually worked. (P.S. the little guy who plays Roland was trying not to laugh throughout the whole grabbing scene. I am not taking off any points for that though, because he's so little, and so darned adorable.) Commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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