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Seeing Red
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At the end of "Dreamy," Emma loaded David into her cruiser. This week, we open in Storybrooke on the same night. Emma and David are in her office talking quietly. He's worried about Kathryn. She suggests he start worrying about himself, since his wife is missing, he's in love with another woman, and he can't explain the phone call from him -- the one that's showing up on Kathryn's phone record. Wordsmith that he is, David says he "can't explain" why it's unexplained. He claims, though, that he didn't do anything to Kathryn. Emma says, "I'm pretty good at spotting a liar, and honestly, liars have better material." As a mother I can vouch for this. When they're guilty they have a hell of a story. So, whatever, since there's no proof that a crime has been committed, Emma sends David home suggesting he get some sleep -- and a lawyer.

Over at Granny's, Ruby is flirting with August who is telling her tall tales about lemurs in Nepal. Thanks to our forumites, I've been schooled on the fact that lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, so you're probably not going to find them crawling all over a cliffside prayer temple in Nepal. Now, at some point in the past (I can't find which episode) August claimed he always tells the truth. This little story about lemurs in Nepal seems to prove him a liar. On the other hand, when a writer writes fiction, he's not exactly lying. If August is the writer (and/or the unreliable narrator) of Henry's Once Upon A Time book, maybe he's not lying even if he is incorrect about lemurs in Nepal. What do you think?

Anyhow, as Ruby talks to August, Granny gets more and more agitated. She finally pounds on the counter and orders the girl to, "Stop flirting and get over here."

We cut to the Enchanted Forest. A young man (Jesse Hutch) knocks on the closed shutters of a humble cottage. I'm just going to start calling him "Peter" now, because it annoys me to pretend I haven't already watched this episode and don't know his name. A frail voice inside calls out, "Who's there?" When Peter asks to be let in, the voice says, "I'm just a poor old widow. Spare me." Peter: "Let me in, or I'll -- I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow..." Red throws open the shutters and gives Peter a brilliant smile.

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