Once Upon a Time

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Seeing Red

Audience: Yeah, but who knows if they all have their hearts? Remember Graham?

Recapper: Of course. *Sob*

Emma: There's more. There were fingerprints inside the lid of the box. And there's a match.

David: Arrest me!

Emma: The fingerprints are Mary Margaret's. Dun dun dun.

Now, I don't believe for a moment that Mary Margaret killed Kathryn. I am not even sure Kathryn is dead. I would like some answers on that heart, though. And how Mary's fingerprints got inside the lid of that box. The forumites have suggested that the box once belonged to Snow, back in the Enchanted Forest, and that Regina has set all this up. That seems like the most logical suggestion to me but I'm not so excited about it. I hope we get something less expected or that there's more to this than a simple frame job. It was nice to have the kiddo back this week. I would like to see a little more bonding between Henry and Emma -- some more growth in their relationship. All in all, this was a solid episode, full of surprises and dark the way fairy tales were, before they were sanitized. While I gave Jane Espenson hell about the sexual politics of it, I only have surface problems with the issue. In the Enchanted Forest, Red has been a good friend and ally to Snow, so I hope she does turn out to be badass.

I'm out of time, so I'll see you Monday morning with my recaplet of "Heart of Darkness." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the forum, where our crossbows are at the ready.

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Once Upon a Time




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