Once Upon a Time

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Seeing Red

Spoiled Forum Members: My, what big teeth you have, Red.

Red teases Peter about his threat to huff and puff. "So, you thought you'd level the house with the power of your breath?" She leans out the window as if to kiss him, then pulls back. "Well, a case could be made." Scope. Look into it, Pete. When Peter takes mock offense at this, Red hushes him and reminds him Granny doesn't like her to open the shutters. He corrects her, saying, "She doesn't like me." Red cops to this. The young couple talk about running away, together. Peter points out that as a blacksmith's boy he can get work all over. People in the forums interpret Peter as saying he's the son of a blacksmith. He might be, but I think that also implies he might just be an apprentice of sorts -- a sort that is free from Trump's combover, at least. Peter tries to get Red to come out for a minute, but she says Granny would never let her go out after dark. On cue, Granny hollers for Red. Red gives Peter a quick kiss and sends him on his way.

In the main room of the cottage, Granny has the front door open. She's talking to a wolf hunting party. When Red asks what this is all about, Granny tells her it's none of her concern.

Audience: Um Granny? You just called the girl to you.

Red wants to join the hunting party, but Granny tells her she's not going anywhere. She tells her to make sure she leaves her red hood on, too. "You know red repels wolves." Granny makes no bones about the fact that she thinks the hunters are fools to put their lives at risk over a few dead sheep, especially since there are only two nights left in wolfstime, and advises them to go home.

Red: I hope they kill the wolf.

Granny: You just want to roam the woods with that wastrel.

Red: Peter is a righteous dude.

Recapper: You've seen Ferris Bueller?

Granny: Anyhow, I make Red help me lock everything up tight and order her to her room, reminding her to keep her hood on. Once she's gone I pick up my crossbow.

Recapper: Granny, you are badass!

Granny: Word.

Back in Storybrooke, Granny and Red argue about Red's work ethic and other things.

Granny: I tell her, "Liza, you dress like a drag queen during fleet week."

Recapper: Oh my.

Red: That's okay, I tell her, "And you dress like Norman Bates, when he dresses like Norman Bates's mother.

August: These two are cracking me up.

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Once Upon a Time




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