Once Upon a Time

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Seeing Red

Recapper: You're totally the writer, aren't you? I remember when I used to feel funny and would write a funny line and then laugh.

August: You sound like you could use some magical well water.

Recapper: It's worth a shot. But wait, now Red is telling Granny she should be out in the world, having adventures with lemurs. Red has had it. She quits and slams out the diner door.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Red gets up the next morning, sans cape, and asks Granny if she slept.

Granny: I'll sleep with the trolls in the afterlife.

Recapper: Granny's a hoot. She sends Red out to check the coop and make sure the wolves didn't get at their chickens. It's there that Red first meets Snow White (who was hiding out and hoping to steal some eggs). Snow took shelter in the coop when she heard something howling in the woods last night. She tries to return the eggs, but Red won't let her and instead tells her to come with her.

Red: Everyone calls me Red.

Recapper: And gentle readers, I apologize, because when I wrote the recaplet, I misremembered this scene and thought that this was where Red revealed her real name is Liza, but it seems I conflated that with the Storybrooke scene in which Granny calls Ruby Liza (and probably only does so as part of her drag queen/fleet week zinger). I'm sorry for the stupid.

Snow: Yeah, whatever. I'm making a new friend. I'm Sno... Frosty.

Red: Frosty?

Snow: No, I'm on the run. You can call me Margaret. Wait -- Mary.

Snow and Red go to draw some water from the well, before returning to the cottage. Red is alarmed to see the well water is blood red, but Snow can't even hear her, because she's horrified at the sight of all the bloody, dead bodies lying just feet away. When Red takes in the gory scene. She hyperventilates such that she huffs and puffs us right into commercial.

Back in Storybrooke at night, Mary Margaret bumps into Emma. She asks about David and if there's any word on Kathryn.

Emma: People are totally going to think you and David are behind Kathryn's disappearance. I mean, how many people saw that well-deserved slap Kathryn gave you right in the school.

Mary Margaret: Well-deserved?

Emma: Yes. I mean no. I mean I don't think... it's them.

Audience: We don't believe you, Emma.

Emma: Oh, look, there's your one night stand, Dr. Whale, putting the moves on Red.

Dr. Whale: This is awkward. Bye bye!

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Once Upon a Time




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