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Seeing Red

Emma takes David to see Dr. Whale. He'll refer David to Dr. Hopper for a mental health evaluation, but he suspects this episode is related to the blackout David had when he first came out of his coma. "Moving around. Acting out. Not remembering it later." When Emma asks what David could be capable of during these fugue states, Whale says people with similar issues do a lot -- cook, eat, drive. David realizes Emma is wondering if he made the unexplained call when he was like this, or if he killed or kidnapped Kathryn. "It would explain why it didn't seem like I was lying. I wouldn't know." That's the third mention of Emma's ability, right?

Just then, Regina storms in. She's still David's emergency contact. I guess he was too busy with the adultery and the fugue states to fill out new forms. Regina's up in arms, wondering why Emma is talking to David when he doesn't have a lawyer present. Emma points out David isn't under arrest. They're just talking. Regina tells Emma how to do her job, again, which is getting so tiresome. Lana Parrilla is great. The material she's getting lately -- is less great.

It's getting dark out. Ruby is still working at the station. As Emma walks out of the hospital she calls Ruby and tells her to take her VW Bug and drive to the t(r)oll bridge, because the last time David had an episode that's where they found him. Ruby's not sure she's up to the job, so Emma gives her a pep talk.

Ruby arrives at the bridge. She's still on the phone with Emma who tells her to look for anything out of the ordinary. Down on the river bank, Ruby moves a piece of plywood, grabs a stick, and starts digging. In seconds, she finds a wooden jewelry-style box. Over speaker phone, she asks Emma if she can give her any kind of clue as to what she's looking for. Emma tells her, "Anything of Kathryn's." Ruby brushes dirt of the box and hesitates for a moment before opening it. As soon as she does, she screams and slams it shut. She's too freaked out to answer Emma, who's yelling her name over the phone.

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow is hiding under Ruby's cape, when Granny comes in and asks where Mary is. Snow tries to hide. Granny gasps as she turns the girl over and realizes she's been duped. Snow explains their Peter is the wolf theory and that Red is with him, but she'll be okay because Peter is tied up. Granny says, "He's tied up. Oh that poor boy."

Out in the woods, Peter is indeed chained to a tree and still human. A wolf snarls as it approaches him. Peter struggles against his chains. "Red. Red. Don't. It's me...." on and on like that, until I'm practically cheering for her to eat him up. As the wolf lurches at Peter, we cut to commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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