Once Upon a Time

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Seeing Red

Granny: A fool who cost so many lives.

Snow. You didn't mean to. That's the main thing.

Audience: Try telling that to the victims, and when they can't hear you, on account of being dead and all, go try it out on their next of kin.

Recapper: So, Granny and Snow stop when they hear a wolf howl. Granny takes out her crossbow, and explains that a silver-tipped arrow will drop Red. They approach from downwind, so as not to be detected. Red is chowing down on Peter's remains. The squishy sound effects are to gag! When Snow steps on a twig, the wolf turns on the women. As she lunges at them, Granny shoots her bringing her to the ground. Snow is still wearing Red's Magical Cloak of Midol. Granny orders her to throw it on Red.

When Red returns to human form, she hears Snow saying, "He's gone." The women get Red to her feet. They can hear a hunting party approaching. Granny wants Snow to rush the disoriented Red out of there. When Red turns to look for Peter she sees blood on the snow. Snow White explains that Peter wasn't the wolf. Red looks at Granny, who admits she was wrong to keep it from Red but tells her she has to go. Red's still trying to take it all in. "Me?" Finally, Snow gets Red to leave. Granny watches as the hunting party draws near.

Back in Storybrooke, Ruby returns to the diner, but she's dressed decently and her makeup is finally normal. She looks beautiful. She notices Granny wincing and asks if her arm is okay. Granny says, "Same as it is, every full moon." Her 3/4 length sleeve reveals the scar she got in the Enchanted Forest. I wonder what false memory she has to explain it. Ruby wants to come back to work for Granny. The ladies get to talking out their issues. Ruby says that it wasn't so much that she doesn't want to turn into Granny, as that she's afraid she doesn't have what it takes to do everything Granny does. She was scared she couldn't handle the extra responsibility.

Ruby: I sort of found someone in myself that was more than I expected.

Granny: What about adventure? What about lemurs?

Ruby: Emma was my lemur. I did that, found out I could do that, and also that I don't want to. I don't want a job where a good day means ruining someone's life. I want to do something that makes me happy -- somewhere I love.

Granny: I just wanted you to do all that extra work, so that you'd be ready when I give the diner to you.

Ruby: Big hug!

We cut to the Storybrooke Pet Shelter, where Mary is trying to reassure David that everything will be okay. He's less convinced. Just then, Emma arrives. She tells David they found a box. "We think it -- we think she... There was a human heart inside it." David and Mary both cry. Emma says they're going to send the heart out for tests, but there aren't any other missing people.

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Once Upon a Time




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