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The Shadow Knows
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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, Greg... Owen... Growen... Groan and Tamara enlist Hook to help find Groan's father. Grumpy, Charming and Snow discover the beans are gone. Regina is keeping a small beanstalk in her office. She tells Hook she plans to escape the destruction of Storybrooke, which will be brought about by triggering a failsafe built into the Dark Curse. Emma tells Neal that his fiancée is the "She" that August warned them about. Regina takes Cora's wrist cuff from Hook. Tamara and Groan have rigged it with something that blocks magic, which is explained with an Inarticulate Explanation The Stupid Audience Should Mistake For Science. Even more previously on Once Upon A Time the Blue Fairy gives Baelfire a magic bean, which can transport Rumpelstiltskin to a place where he can no longer use magic. Bae uses the bean to open a portal. When he starts to enter it, Rumpy panics at the thought of living without magic. Bae begs his Papa to come with him. Rumpy resists. Bae calls him a coward and accuses him of breaking their deal, then slips away.

Currently, on Once Upon A Time, we open in the not so Enchanted, yet still Enchanting Past. It is nighttime when Baelfire crashes into our world. Rising, he calls out for his Papa to no avail. When he's almost run over by a carriage the boy takes a look around and notices he's at the gate to Kensington Gardens. With wide eyes and a tear still trickling down his cheek, Bae wonders, "What is this place?" He turns toward the sound of chimes to see Big Ben in the distance. A chyron dopes slaps those of us who didn't already realize Bae has landed in London, England. Personally, I would have liked to see a year there. I suppose I could figure it out myself, but I'm already watching TV instead of reading a book for a reason. Title card.

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