Once Upon a Time
Selfless, Brave And True

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What this scene needs is a badinaging bird -- maybe a Tattling Tufted Titmouse -- to warn Neal and August that Tamara is standing just a few yards off, using her compact mirror to watch their scene unfold. As soon as August starts up his bike, Tamara swings into action. We cut from August driving away, to Tamara approaching Neal. She's just gotten a coffee from a hotdog cart. Since there's no cover on it, it's obvious what she's about to do. Just as Neal turns, she makes sure to bump into him and spills her coffee all over herself. I can only hope that it's still scalding hot. Neal apologizes and asks if she's okay. Just as Tamara told Henry, she claims she's late for work, so Neal offers her his scarf to hide her stain. Tamara thanks him and introduces herself. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Snow's Hovel. The Charmings arrive home. Emma sits on the stairs to the loft and calls Henry over to talk. "I'm sorry. I sorry I lied to you about your dad. I promise I will never lie to you, again. Just don't push me away." When Henry says he won't, Emma takes him in her arms. They squeeze each other but good, then head upstairs.

Alone with his wife, David asks Snow if she'll tell him what's going on. After making him promise not to get mad, Snow confesses that last week, she went to Regina's house and confronted her. Of course he gets mad, so Snow reminds him of his promise. David: "I'm not mad!" Snow: "I can see that." David points out that Regina could have killed her. Snow knows, and says that's why she went to see Regina. "I couldn't take the guilt over what I did to Cora. I could barely breathe. I told her to end it, and she ripped out my heart. And when she took it out, my heart, David, it had started to blacken because of what I did."

David asks why she didn't tell him. Snow says, "Telling you makes things real, and I needed to believe it wasn't -- that I could find a way to stop it. That redemption was possible." David tells her it is, and reminds her to look at August. Snow knows what he means, but points out how much it cost August. I'm so glad someone is acknowledging that. This might be a happy ending for Marco, and for the little boy version of Pinocchio, it's nice that he won't grow up in the system, but the person he'd grown to be, as flawed as August was, is for all intents and purposes, dead. David takes Snow in his arms and says, "You are not him, Mary Margaret, and you sure as hell aren't Regina, which means those aren't the only two options. We'll find another way. I know it." Snow asks, "What makes you so sure?" David takes her hand and places it over her heart. "This does. And I know it better than anyone." Snow closes her eyes and hugs charming Charming. We cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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