Once Upon a Time
Skin Deep

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Beauty And The Fruity

David: It's great. I can't wait to see how it ends.

Audience: *Whistles*

Ruby: I can push the tables together if you two want.

Recapper: He's at an otherwise empty booth.

Ruby: I know. I just like yanking Mary Margaret's chain.

Mary: What? We're not...we don't...together.

Emma: I'm going to pretend I don't know what's going on here, and ask you how your day is going, Mom, I mean...Mary.

Mary: But I know you're really asking about Henry. He's fine. Normal. Happy. Don't worry. He's also sad, because he misses you, but in a happy way. What I'm saying is, if people are supposed to be together, they'll find a way. And CLEARLY I am only talking about you and Henry here, not me and...well, nobody.

Audience: Please don't commit adultery. You're Snow White and Prince Charming.

Ashley: And I'm Cinderella. I don't actually know that, but I'm mentioning it anyhow, because I heard a rumor that the Recapper's mother watched this whole episode and had no idea who Sean and I were supposed to be, or why we were featured, at all. Anyhow, being a single mom sure is tough. We haven't had time to get married. Sean's doing double shifts, even on Valentine's Day.

Ruby: Well then, let's have a girl's night out. Who's in?

Emma: Everyone but me. I've got a call from the station. Gotta go.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold arrives home to find he has been robbed. His home is nearly as full of needful thing as his shop. Gun in hand, he quietly looks around. When he hears a noise behind him, he pivots and aims his weapon.

Emma: Hey, what do you know? I'm pointing a gun at you, too. Neighbor saw your door open and called my office.

Gold: I've been robbed!

Emma: Haven't we already done that episode?

In the Enchanted Forest, Rumpy brings Belle home to his grand estate and shows her to her room -- the dungeon. We cut to commercial. When we return, Belle is waiting on him in his dining room. We see the hideously creepy puppets and Buffy's scythe! As Belle serves him tea, Rumpy lists her duties.

Rumpy: Washing, cooking, laundry, straw fetching, oh, and you will skin the children I hunt -- for their pelts!

Belle: I drop the teacup, because did you not just hear what he said?

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Once Upon a Time




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