Once Upon a Time
Skin Deep

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Beauty And The Fruity

Regina: So Gold, alone at last.

Gold: PLEASE, sit.

Regina: Why am I doing what he says? I do not like this.

Gold: So, you totally have my missing item, right? You totally put French up to robbing me. Let's make a deal.

Regina: We used to know each other so well, Mr. Gold. What is it that you want?

Recapper: I'm having that fantasy that they're former spouses again. Make it stop!

Gold: Regina, you know what I want. What do you want?

Regina: Answer my question -- simply. What is your name?

Gold: It's Mr. Gold.

Regina: Your real name.

Gold: Every moment I've spent on this earth, that's been my name.

Regina: What about moments spent elsewhere?

Recapper: Tell her, or I'm going to do it. For heaven's sake, do you want Chip back or what?

Gold: Rumpelstiltskin. Now give me what I want.

Regina: Such hostility.

Recapper: Right? You two are totally exes, yes? Ack. Make it stop.

Recapper's Husband: Honey, have a glass of wine and some chocolate.

Recapper: Not right now. Don't you realize what this means? He remembers and has remembered all along. But now I'm thinking he's remembering being married to her, and her leaving him, after he deserted the Ogre Wars and was likely hobbled for his trouble.

Recapper's Husband: Nice red wine. Nice dark chocolate.

Recapper: Shhhh. There's still more.

Regina: Finally, you two. So anyhow, I reach into my purse.

Gold: My eyes grow wide.

Regina: I take out the cup, but I keep dangling it in front of the cell bars, just out of reach, as I tease the sap about his sentimental keepsake.

Chip: Hey, I'm a person, you know? Okay, I'm not a person, but I'm an anthropomorphized object. And I sing!

Gold: [grabbing the cup] Thank you, your majesty. Now that we're being honest, let's remember the good old days. I'm the one with the power here. I'm going to be out of here in no time, and things are going to change.

Regina: We shall see.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Queenie pays a call on Rumpy, and furthers my we-shall-speak-of-it-no-more-fantasy by letting herself in, or barging in.

Regina: Flimsy locks. I have a certain mermaid I want to discuss.

Rumpy: Bitch, please. Keep trying, but you're never going to beat me.

Regina: Is this about that girl I met on the road. Margie? Verna? Whoevs.

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Once Upon a Time




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