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Snow Falls

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True Love? It Doesn't Exist.
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After days of stark, evil news (not personal news, items the news, you know which ones), I am so grateful to escape into fairy tales, with monsters, evil queens, and other villains that don't make me want to vomit and then go on a rampage. Last week, during a discussion of Once Upon A Time, the conversation turned to fairy tales writ large, and darn it, I should have used Writ Large as my TWoP pen-name. Seriously, I just turned in a 1,700 word recaplet for The Vampire Diaries, but I digress (for lo, I am Writ Large). Anyhow, someone (who loathes the show, so I'll leave names out of this) described fairy tales as: "...the stories that explain to us who we are." Those words have resonated with me all week. And yet today, I turn to fairy tale, not to explain to me who we are, but rather, to help me forget who we also are. I seek not discovery, but refuge. Come, run away, with me to the...

Enchanted Forest: Prince Charming's snow white carriage travels a road through the woods. With Charming, is a seemingly spoiled blonde princess or noblewoman, played by Anastasia Griffith. I say Princess Blondie is "seemingly" spoiled, because my feeling with this show is that our first look at most of our characters (perhaps, excluding Emma and Henry) is purposefully one-dimensional. There's a tree blocking the road, so the carriage must come to a stop. When Charming exits to discuss the situation with his guards, he notices the tree didn't fall down. It was pushed... I mean chopped. As Charming is declaring this an ambush, a highwayman steals Charming's purse from the carriage, and flees the scene on horseback. Princess Blondie screams, undoubtedly because she got a look at her dress in the mirror. What is with those feathers?

Charming, also on horseback, catches up with the highwayman, jumps from his horse to the thief's horse, and pulls the culprit to the ground. Charming says, "Show me your face, you coward, and then pulls back the thief's cloak. He's about to punch the highwayman when he realizes she's a highwaywoman! "You're a... girl." It is Snow White, who promptly corrects him. "Woman." Then she bashes him in the face with a giant rock and rides off on her horse. Charming rises to his feet and dabs at the blood on his chin as he hollers off after her, "You can't hide from me. Wherever you are, I will find you." Snow smiles back at him. We cut to...

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