Once Upon a Time
Snow Falls

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True Love? It Doesn't Exist.

Hospital: Mary explains to the comatose Doe that she knows it's odd she's reading to him, but she's doing it for a friend, "So just bear with me." She starts to read the story of how Charming and Snow White first meet. There's a time lapse. As she's nearing the end of the story, she notes that it was in the shadow of the troll bridge that Snow White and Prince Charming's love was born. "But they knew, no matter how they were separated, that they would always..." She stops short when Doe places his hand on her. She looks from his hand to his still closed eyes in disbelief. Commercial.

Mary brings Dr. Whale to Doe's room and tells him what happened. Whale reviews the monitors and says everything is as steady as it's always been. When he learns she was reading, he suggests she dozed off and dreamt the hand holding. She's quite certain she didn't. He continues to treat her as a delusional little woman and shoos her off home. As soon as Mary scurries away, Whale calls Regina, and tells her Doe touched a volunteer's hand and admits there's been a slight fluctuation in brain activity. Regina wants to know which volunteer was in the room when Doe reacted. When Whale says, "Mary Margaret Blanchard," Regina nearly crushes her phone in her hand.

Mary's Hovel: Mary sits in bed and opens up the book to the...

Enchanted Forest: Snow White throws her ill gotten gains in a sack, dons an amulet and leaves the hollowed out tree trunk in which she's been living. Before she's ten feet away, she's caught in net. Charming laughs. "I told you I'd find you. No matter what you do, I will always find you." Snow asks him if this is the only way he can catch a woman. He says, "It's the only way to catch thieving scum." Snow's laugh is bitter. "Aren't you a real Prince Charming?" Heh. When he says he has a name, she says, "I don't care. Charming suits you." He'll release her when she returns his jewels. They bicker back and forth, 'til Snow admits she sold the jewels. Since he's a Prince, she can't imagine why he's troubled over a few measly jewels. Charming says they were special. The satchel contained a ring that belonged to his mother. He was going to give it to... Snow White finishes his sentence for him. "The nag with the bad attitude. That's what this is about?"

When Snow learns Princess Blondie is Charming's fiancée she laughs and then rants about arranged marriages between royals, generally for political reasons. "True love? It doesn't exist." Charming allows that this marriage is a political merger, but wants to get to the point. He'll cut Snow down from the net, and she will lead him to whoever has her jewels and get back his ring. Snow asks why she'd do that. Charming: "Because you don't want me to tell anyone who you are." He takes out a wanted posted bearing her likeness that reads: WANTED For crimes against the Queen: MURDER, TREASON, TREACHERY. Charming says, "Snow White, help me get my ring back, or I'll turn you over to the Queen's forces. And I have a feeling the Queen's not as charming as I am." Charming cuts the rope. The net comes crashing down. Snow screams and we cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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