Once Upon a Time
Snow Falls

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True Love? It Doesn't Exist.

Enchanted Forest: As Snow and Charming make their way through the woods, he asks her about her necklace. I mistakenly called it an amulet, earlier, but it's actually a small bottle full of dust tied to a thin leather strap. When she doesn't answer him, he rips it off her neck. Snow yells at him to be careful. "It's a weapon." It's filled with dust from a bad fairy. "It transforms the most fearsome of adversaries into a form that's easily squashed. [...] It's very hard to come by. I'm saving it for a special someone." She tells him the charges on the wanted poster are lies and how the Queen instructed her huntsman to rip out Snow's heart. When the huntsman took pity on Snow and let her go, she hid out in the forest. She's been trying to amass wealth sufficient to escape to another realm. "Somewhere isolated, where I can never be hurt." Charming: "It sounds lonely." Snow: "No more lonely than an arranged marriage." Charming snarks about how at least he doesn't prey upon the innocent. Snow says she only steals from the Queen, because no one else usually uses that road. "All I'm doing, Charming, is what it takes to survive. She wants me dead." Charming asks why. Snow: "She blames me for ruining her life." Charming: "Did you?" Snow: "Yes." I wonder what she did. They soon reach a river. Snow says she's thirsty and asks permission to stop for a drink. When Charming joins her on the shore, she head-butts him, knees him in the crotch and then throws him into the river. She grabs a satchel from among his things and runs away. On the road, Snow is apprehended by three of the Queen's black knights, who inform her the Queen wants her heart. "We're not going to disappoint her." Commercial.

Storybrook Woods; Dark: The Sheriff leads Mary and Emma through the woods, but the trail runs out. When he leaves them to try to find it again, it gives Mary time to talk to Emma. She asks how Emma got into the business of finding people, and if it was because of her parents. Knowing that she's talking to the woman Henry believes is her mother, Emma is startled. Mary babbles about Emma's situation being somewhat similar to Henry's and then asks Emma if she ever found her folks. Emma: "It depends who you ask." Just then, Henry arrives, and seems to be the only one bright enough to have brought a flashlight along. Emma tells him he shouldn't be there, but Henry says he knows where to find Doe. Mary asks where that would be. Henry: "He's looking for you."

Enchanted Forest: Before the black knights can cut out Snow's heart, Charming swoops in, throws a knife into the back of the first knight, and engages in a sword fight with the second. Snow tries to run off, but the third knight who is still on horseback, picks her up by her hair and throws her over his horse. Charming shoots at the knight with a bow and arrow. He's Prince Charming, so his aim is true. Snow gains control of the horse and returns to Charming. Her voice is breathless. "You saved me." Charming: "It seemed like the honorable thing to do." When he asks if she's ready, Snow says, "For what?" Charming reminds her about his jewels. Snow snaps out of it. "Right, you've got a wedding to get to." She says the trolls are just beyond the next ridge, but they're fierce. "They'll cut your hand off sooner than they'll shake it."

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Once Upon a Time




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