Once Upon a Time
Snow Falls

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True Love? It Doesn't Exist.

Storybrooke, Woods, Night: Henry's still pushing the theory that Doe is Charming. He badgers Mary about how Charming loves her, and says, "You have to stop chasing him, and let him find you." Sexist brat. Emma tries to encourage Henry to go home, but he refuses. Soon, the Sheriff calls out to the gang. He's found Doe's hospital bracelet. There's blood on it. Commercial.

Enchanted Forest, Troll Bridge: Snow and Charming dismount a black horse they must have taken from the fallen knights. Snow scares away the horse, and tells Charming that trolls don't like horses. She lays a pile of gold coins on the side of the bridge. A troll climbs up the side, blade in his mouth. When he gets to the top of the bridge, two other trolls appear. The trolls don't want to talk in front of Charming. Snow tries to get to the point and says she wants to buy back the jewels she sold them. She'll give them back all the money if they'll just give her the ring. The head troll gets suspicious, because Charming is too eager. He accuses the pair of setting them up and identifies Charming as a royal. One troll grabs Snow. A second one grabs Charming. When the third troll searches Charming, he finds Snow's fairy dust, but considers it worthless and tosses it aside. He then finds the wanted poster of Snow White. They decide they'll turn her into the Queen for the reward. Charming grabs his sword, and slashes at the trolls holding Snow. Snow gets her necklace. Charming tells her to run, he'll be right behind her. He sends one troll crashing off the dilapidated bridge to, I assume, his doom, but the other trolls best Charming.

Snow continues to run away until she realizes Charming didn't get free. Looking back at the bridge she sees the trolls looming over him. There's a third one there, again. As one troll growls that royal blood is the sweetest of all, Snow throws her bad fairy dust at him and turns him into an insect. She then gets the other two. Charming gets back on his feet. "You saved me?" Snow says, "It was the honorable thing to do." She'll think of something else to defeat the Queen. "Anyway, how could I let Prince Charming die." Charming says, "I told you, I have a name. It's James." Snow smiles at him. "It's nice to meet you, James." The leave to avoid more trolls. James grabs his coins off the side of the bridge.

Storybrooke, Night: The camera pans past a toll bridge. There's graffiti on the "Toll Bridge" sign, such that it reads TROLL BRIDGE. Down below, the Sheriff says the trail dies at the water line, like trails do. Mary sees Doe lying face down in the stream. She rushes to him as the Sheriff calls for an ambulance. They lift Doe out of the water. Mary keeps saying, "No, no, no, no, no. I found you. It's going to be okay." Emma goes to Henry and holds him, so he won't have to watch the scene. Mary starts chest compressions, but it is when she begins mouth to mouth breathing that the magic happens. Doe coughs, sputters, and spits out water. When he can finally breathe, he says, "You saved me." Looking on from Emma's arms, Henry says, "She did it. She did it. She woke him up." Emma says, "Yeah, kid. She did." Doe thanks Mary for saving him. When she asks who he is, he says, "I don't know." She assures him that's okay and that he'll be okay.

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Once Upon a Time




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