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Enchanted Present. Mulan, Snow and Aurora argue over who should accompany Hook up the beanstalk. Yes, Aurora. Why couldn't they have found her some more suitable clothes in the ruins of Snow's castle? Seriously, it's not even like we get to see her pretty gown, because it's covered by that ugly wrap. We all know Emma's going to be the one to go with Hook, and she is, once she plays the Henry card to Snow.

When Emma asks Mulan if she's got any good anti-giant weapons in her bag, the warrior pulls her aside and gives her a bag of sleeping powder, made from poppies. Alone with Mulan, Emma asks if her sword is strong enough to cut through the beanstalk. Why? Because there needs to be some element of tension for the members of Team Princess who'll remain on the ground. If Emma's not back in ten hours, she wants Mulan to cut down the stalk and find another way for Snow to return to Storybrooke. Contrivance Fairy: "You're welcome."

With a "Tick-tock," Hook reminds Emma they need to get a move on. He's in constant flirt mode, which is fun to watch, but there are only so many ways to mention it without becoming repetitive, so from here on out, I'll only note when he's not flirting. He slaps the cuff on Emma's wrist and asks her to return his hook. When Emma says she's not going to take her eyes off him, Hook says, "I would despair if you did." Twink. Commercial.

During their climb, Hook plays beanstalk psychologist on Emma. He says she's silent because she's afraid to reveal herself and to trust him. He claims she's an open book. It's clear she doesn't want to abandon Henry the way she was abandoned. He says she has the same look in her eyes, he once saw in the eyes of Neverland's Lost Boys. When he notes that love has been all too rare in her life, he asks if she's ever been in love. Taking a page from Regina's book, Emma lies: "No. I've never been in love." We flash sideways and back to...

Speculation Sidebar. More than ever, I think Neal is going to turn out to be Baelfire. I know the magical bean that Blue gave Bae was supposed to take him to a land without magic, but I can't shake the feeling that he might have done some time in Neverland as well. After Milah's death, it would be understandable if Hook searched for her son, provided he knew the boy road a rare magical bean away from the Dark One.

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Once Upon a Time




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