Once Upon a Time

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Enchanted Present. Mulan draws a line in the sand, plunges a stick in the ground at the end of it, and explains to Aurora it will help her mark the time. Snow is already suspicious. "Do you have somewhere to be?" Mulan says they can take turns sleeping and keeping watch. When Snow volunteers for the first shift, Aurora volunteers to stay up with her. She doesn't sleep much these days. Snow understands. Nightmares are a horrible side effect of the sleeping curse both princesses endured. Snow tells Aurora how when she had the nightmares, Charming would wake her and light a candle. He said it would capture the bad dreams. "He'd watch over me as I fell back to sleep." Aurora: "Sounds like he lives up to his name." Snow: "Yeah." Sounds to me like after the first nightmare, one of them should have been more proactive and thought to keep a lit candle by your bed. Am I wrong? Snow encourages Aurora to sleep. She'll watch over her new friend and keep her safe. When Aurora wanders off, Snow stares at Mulan's what do I call that -- it's not a sundial. Can I just pretend it is, for convenience? Thank you. You're too kind. Anyhow, Snow eyes Mulan's sundial, then trains her gaze to the beanstalk.

CGIsland. Hook and Emma arrive at the top of the beanstalk. It's dark there, which makes no sense to me, since it's still light below, and the beanstalk world is above the spot where Team Princess waits. I understand they're in another land, but it's still weird. Surveying the ruins and many, many skeletons, Emma asks what happened there. This, my girl, is what happens when special effects go bad. Hook says it's where the final battle took place. When he notices Emma cut her hand while climbing, he insists upon bandaging it, because fee fi fo fum, giants can smell blood, you dumb bum. When Hook pours rum on Emma's cut, she feels the burn. When he takes off his scarf, wraps it around her wound, and ties the knot with his teeth, we all feel the burn.

Hook's plan is to wait for the giant to fall asleep, and then sneak into his cave and rifle through the treasure until they find the compass. Emma says they can't wait for him to fall asleep and reminds him about Mulan's sleeping powder. When Hook proclaims that plan riskier, Emma speaks for me when she says, "...than waiting for a giant to fall asleep when we need him to." Hook: "Point taken. Ooh, you're a tough lass." I'm not sure what that's about, but it doesn't matter. Taking the sleeping powder out from under his coat, Hook says, "You'd make a hell of a pirate." He must be watching the Portland scenes, yeah? Emma notices Hook's "Milah" tattoo and asks who she is. While Hook isn't forthcoming, Emma realizes that Rumpy has taken more from Hook than just his hand, which must be why he wants to kill the imp. Hook: "For someone who's never been in love, you're quite perceptive, aren't you?" Emma's voice is hushed as she admits maybe she was once in love. We flash sideways and back to...

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Once Upon a Time




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